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Hi everybody Dr. Stuart Hoffman here to talk to you Today about something that has been a big issue in chiropractic world. So many of you have issues with you license in court and I wanna share to you some of the things that happened so that we can hopefully try and reduce your risk. And when I tell you that the license in board issues are big.

It has sky rocketed over the last year. And I think some of the reason for that is kind of simple. In that when I graduated 1981 from life college. If someone wanted to make a board complaint against me at that time they had to find the board. You don’t find them in the yellow pages for those of you that even remember what the yellow pages is and you had to actually find it in the separate section of the white pages under government agencies.

And you found them, and made a long distance phone call which cost you money to get someone at the board once they actually picked up. They would then send you by mail an actual complaint letter. You fill it out and send it back in to the board. By the time all of that hassle happened most people that it was just on the edge just went away. Because lot of that motion that was build up had already passed. But on this teen age people need to get their feelings hurt and if you didn’t listen to them they’re gonna have it heard somewhere whether it just to be heard out or to hurt you.

And simple fact is that they can go on Google and in nano second find the license in court and on the homepage click here if you want to make the complaint. It takes nothing and your license in board has the legal obligation to follow up on any on every complaint that comes in to that. So its our job to defend you if in you when get one of these complaint. And if you are with chirosecure and I hope you all are then I would expect that you would know we need you to let as know as soon as you get a letter or call from the board that they are just checking in something. They are investigating or there are something that they need to follow up on.

Any and all of that means that there is an investigation. So always contact whether be us or who ever your courier is. Because they should be put on notice and you should have an attorney help or respond to any complaint to the license in court no matter what it is. And I have so many times that people will say to me “You know I hear you, but this is a stupid little thing I’m gonna send in a respond and be done with it.” Well that’s fine except that you have three of those people wind up coming back because now the board want to interview them in person and they now need the attorney when we could have resolved it perhaps with a good respond in the first place.

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