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This Interview Is Just Jam Packed Full Of SO Many Amazing Truths

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So one of the things that I want, I asked Brian to join me for today is I got to hear his personal story at Alpha One.  And so, and shout out to Dr. Brian Johnston and Matt at Review Wave. Brian and I both got to speak there just a couple of weekends ago and it was an awesome event. And it was the first time I heard Brian’s story. And I was like, dude, that is so powerful. We’ve got to go on Facebook live and share that especially because it just blends so perfectly in with the ripple effect. In the bootcamp that’s like our theme this year is how are each of us stepping up in our lives in order to create a greater ripple effect in our communities, across our regions, within our continent and across the world. That’s the impact that we all can have and it really starts with who we are and what is our story. So Brian, jump in and tell us the story of how did you get here?

How did I get to where I am? I graduated from life chiropractic school in 2002 and if you would’ve told me my former self at that time, probably about 17 years ago that I’d be doing what I’m doing today, I would’ve told you you’re out of your mind. There’s no way in heck I’m going to be in the software business. I’m going to go change the world, you know, build a huge practice, multiple practices. That was my mission. That was the vision, right? And here I am today actually. I feel like I have a bigger impact in a lot of ways, but I just, you never, it’s just, you don’t see these things coming, but it actually, um, kind of before I as you know, or if you don’t know if you’re listening, Genesis chiropractic software and we’re also a billing service.

So a software with all the bells and whistles you can think of a cloud based software with. We also do billing as well. You know, that, that’ll make more sense to you in a second here as I go through my story. But yeah, so I didn’t think I’d be there. But, um, it started, um, with, before thinking about this, which is a solution. What is a solution? It started where you find a big problem, a major problem, and where there is no solution and it’s a been your purpose, just like you’re, I think you’re, you’re talking about Barb, is really what drives you, you know? Um, and the more tied you are to your purpose.

Let’s just thinking about this. I asked this question on another podcast. What, you know, what’s the best advice you’ve ever had? It’s just find your purpose and think about your purpose and pray about your purpose. Because everything flows from that. No matter what you’re doing in life, the more anchored you are in your purpose, the bigger impact you’ll make, and it’ll be effortless, right? So, um, it started when I was in practice very early on in practice where I had, um, a patient come in, his name is Chris, and Chris gets under care….