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Chiropractic Billing Software

The Benefits of Chiropractic Billing Software

Chiropractic Billing SoftwareMany chiropractors have given little thought to how their patients feel about their billing software. After all, as long as their insurance has billed everything correctly, why should they think too much about it? In truth, there are a number of reasons for patients to appreciate a quality chiropractic billing service platform – even if they don’t realize it. When a chiropractor has confidence in their billing software, they can put more focus and attention on their patients. The same is true for any staff who no longer have to deal with multiple billing errors or manual data entry.

In short, you likely didn’t become a chiropractor to put more time into billing than your patients. All too often, this happens; however, by having confidence in your software and billing service, you can engage in your profession the way you might have always wanted to. Let your patient’s come first, choose a chiropractic billing service like Genesis Chiropractic Software.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Billing Software

Below are some of the leading benefits of a first-rate chiropractic billing and management software program.

Patient Registration

Chiropractic billing software allows patients to complete their intake forms before their first appointment. This can improve data accuracy early on and save time for all those involved in the process. Some clinics may choose to use a self-registration kiosk, placed in the waiting room. Regardless of how this option is used, the overall patient experience can be made better. Some advantages of this feature include:

  • Paperless intake
  • Instant virtual patient feedback regarding symptoms, location, etc.
  • Less waiting time
  • Faster check in processes
  • Saves staff from inputting paper forms into the computers
  • Reduced data errors

Patient Portal Access

Another feature, or benefit, of chiropractic billing software and management systems is the ability to include a patient portal. Depending on your clinic’s needs, you may want to consider having a patient portal. The advantages of this are:

  • You and your office staff can interact with patients
  • The platform is secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Providers can exchange clinical information
  • Content can be imported into patient’s files
  • You and your staff can download clinical information and patient summaries

Better Communication

Today, patients expect healthcare providers, including chiropractors, to be diligent with communication. However, medical providers are very busy and sometimes this can be tedious. Chiropractic billing software from Genesis Chiropractic Software features communication options that can meet expectations, including:

  • Notifications and reminders sent via email or text message
  • Email messages that include attachments and forms
  • Links to your site that allows patients to complete forms and required information (i.e. insurance information, work information, etc.)
  • Efficiency Scheduling

By using a chiropractic billing software system, you and your staff can schedule appointments easily. If needed, they can be quickly rescheduled with flexibility and efficiency. In addition to this, they can:

  • Customize a scheduling format
  • Remind patients of appointments
  • Alert staff of a check in
  • Personalize schedules by resource, location, and provider
  • Streamlined Bill Payments

One of the greatest advantages to using a chiropractic billing software is the streamlined billing process. For example, staff and patients may be able to:

  • Process credit card payments
  • Create monthly payment schedules
  • Process specialized payments
  • Process balance payments
  • Track sales tax
  • Notify you of declined credit cards

Chiropractic billing software can streamline your business and help you to focus on what matters – your patients’ wellbeing.