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Chiropractic Billing Software

The Benefits of Chiropractic Billing Software

Chiropractic Billing SoftwareMany chiropractors have given little thought to how their patients feel about their billing software. After all, as long as their insurance has billed everything correctly, why should they think too much about it? In truth, there are a number of reasons for patients to appreciate a quality chiropractic billing service platform – even if they don’t realize it. When a chiropractor has confidence in their billing software, they can put more focus and attention on their patients. The same is true for any staff who no longer have to deal with multiple billing errors or manual data entry.

In short, you likely didn’t become a chiropractor to put more time into billing than your patients. All too often, this happens; however, by having confidence in your software and billing service, you can engage in your profession the way you might have always wanted to. Let your patient’s come first, choose a chiropractic billing service like Genesis Chiropractic Software.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Billing Software

Below are some of the leading benefits of a first-rate chiropractic billing and management software program.

Patient Registration

Chiropractic billing software allows patients to complete their intake forms before their first appointment. This can improve data accuracy early on and save time for all those involved in the process. Some clinics may choose to use a self-registration kiosk, placed in the waiting room. Regardless of how this option is used, the overall patient experience can be made better. Some advantages of this feature include:

  • Paperless intake
  • Instant virtual patient feedback regarding symptoms, location, etc.
  • Less waiting time
  • Faster check in processes
  • Saves staff from inputting paper forms into the computers
  • Reduced data errors

Patient Portal Access

Another feature, or benefit, of chiropractic billing software and management systems is the ability to include a patient portal. Depending on your clinic’s needs, you may want to consider having a patient portal. The advantages of this are:

  • You and your office staff can interact with patients
  • The platform is secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Providers can exchange clinical information
  • Content can be imported into patient’s files
  • You and your staff can download clinical information and patient summaries

Better Communication

Today, patients expect healthcare providers, including chiropractors, to be diligent with communication. However, medical providers are very busy and sometimes this can be tedious. Chiropractic billing software from Genesis Chiropractic Software features communication options that can meet expectations, including:

  • Notifications and reminders sent via email or text message
  • Email messages that include attachments and forms
  • Links to your site that allows patients to complete forms and required information (i.e. insurance information, work information, etc.)
  • Efficiency Scheduling

By using a chiropractic billing software system, you and your staff can schedule appointments easily. If needed, they can be quickly rescheduled with flexibility and efficiency. In addition to this, they can:

  • Customize a scheduling format
  • Remind patients of appointments
  • Alert staff of a check in
  • Personalize schedules by resource, location, and provider
  • Streamlined Bill Payments

One of the greatest advantages to using a chiropractic billing software is the streamlined billing process. For example, staff and patients may be able to:

  • Process credit card payments
  • Create monthly payment schedules
  • Process specialized payments
  • Process balance payments
  • Track sales tax
  • Notify you of declined credit cards

3 Ways to Keep Your Chiropractic Office Running Like Clockwork

You want your chiropractic office to run smoothly and seamlessly, without long wait times for customers, and to operate in a way that makes the day-to-day tasks of running an office easier and more manageable. It can be tough sometimes to identify where problems might be, and we understand that too.

Does your waiting room fill up quickly? Are wait times beyond what they should normally be? Whatever your difficulties or problem areas, we are here to offer a few tips you might find helpful. Here are three quick ways that can help you to get your office running like a well-oiled machine!

1. Use A Dependable Chiropractic Billing Software

A comprehensive chiropractice billing software system, such as the one created by Genesis Chiropractic Software, can almost singlehandedly turn an overwhelmed office into an efficient workspace. This kind of system allows you to save valuable time in your recordkeeping, intake, and medical billing processes.

A good chiropractic billing software should include a patient portal, which can cut down dramatically on customer inquiries by phone, allowing patients to ask questions, pay bills, and check appointment statuses all with the click of a button. Additionally, data errors are greatly reduced using this kind of symptom, which saves time and eliminates hassles! The software offered by Genesis Chiropractic Software has this capability built in, along with many other helpful task management solutions.

2. Streamline Your Check-In Process

Once you’ve got a solid chiropractic billing software system in place, you’ll find that it’s much easier to streamline your check-in process. Getting patients checked in quickly and on time is absolutely key to keeping things organized and running smoothly.

You’ll want to develop a system that allows patients to do intake paperwork ahead of their appointments so that once they arrive at your practice, all they have to do is check in and proceed with their treatment program. The more quickly your customers can check in and out of the office, the happier and more likely to return they will be.

3. Keep Patients Informed

Letting your clients know about special dates, discounted services, and other pertinent updates will limit inquiries and build a sense of connection between patients and your practice.

A biweekly or monthly newsletter formatted for email can be an incredible tool in this capacity. You’ll have the opportunity to share all kinds of information with your entire client list all at once. Whether you need to let them know about special holiday hours, new in-office protocols, or an incredible new treatment that you’re now offering, a newsletter is a quick way to keep clients informed and updated.

4 Ways to Update Your Chiropractic Office

If you’ve considered updating your chiropractic practice to reflect 21st century technology, you’re not alone. However, the idea of making the necessary changes to do so might seem a bit overwhelming.

Updating and streamlining your office services doesn’t have to be scary, though. Here are just a few ways you can quickly bring your practice into the digital age.

Go Paperless

A great way to modernize your practice is to remove the hassle of paperwork. Chiropractic billing software will let you quickly and easily do several things, including the following:

  • Send and receive invoices
  • Contact patients
  • Update records
  • Create secure documents
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance
  • Create schedules
  • Ensure consistency for staff and patients
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Coordinate correspondence between locations

The software developed by Genesis Chiropractic Software can do each of these things and more, depending on your needs.

Consider New Marketing Methods

A good marketing plan is critical for drumming up new clients and ensuring your former patients return. Using your current chiropractic billing software, you can easily see who might need follow-up appointments and which customers you haven’t heard from in a while. You could also consider adding a referral bonus for existing patients who help you bring in new clients.

Provide Training

When you choose to incorporate chiropractic billing software, you should also include employee training. To ensure you’re comfortable with your new system, Genesis Chiropractic Software offers dedicated onboarding and training managers when you make the switch.

Streamline Your Inventory Management

Physical inventory can be challenging to keep track of if you don’t have a proper system in place. Streamlining your inventory management is essential if you want to prevent inventory loss or theft.

Fortunately, you can use your chiropractic billing software to monitor inventory, reorder when stock is low, and know when it’s time to rotate your stock or run a sale.

In addition, using Genesis Chiropractic Software, you can easily set up management alerts to let you know when it’s time to reorder. Not only that, you can store product barcodes within the system, which will make it easy to ensure you’re ordering the correct products.

Consider the points mentioned here if you want to streamline your office practices to make things easier for you, your staff, and your patients. Not only will these steps help your practice stay up to date in a constantly-changing industry, but they’ll also help you prepare for the future of your business.

Chiropractic billing software can streamline your business and help you to focus on what matters – your patients’ wellbeing.