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6 reasons to implement complete chiropractic patient life cycle management in 2013

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Let’s face it– humans are fallible and the staff at your chiropractic office will always perform with a certain margin of error. So, if you are looking for a way to increase your practice’s profitability in 2013 you should consider using complete chiropractic patient life cycle management software to help take your practice from good to great. This in turn will keep your patients happier, resulting in improved patient relations, higher PVA and more referrals.

Here are 6 vital reasons to use complete patient life cycle management software:


    1. Improve patient compliance: Tired of no-shows? Put the power of a schedule tracker to good use by collecting actionable data, such as no-show rates, reschedule success rates, average patient referral rates, and average visits per patient. The workflow management system tracks appointments and generates automated reminders that go right to patients’ phones via text, email, or a phone call. It also reminds staff about follow-ups in a timely manner so that no patient will be left behind.
    2. Reduce audit risks: The workflow system opens and tracks tickets for outstanding balance alerts, claim validations, real-time payments, and audit flags. The backlog of outstanding tickets serves as a proxy for an audit risk metric. A practice with a zero audit risk backlog is better prepared for an audit.
    3. Avoid patient billing errors: Billing errors make your practice look unprofessional in your patients’ eyes, no matter how great your spinal adjustments are. The Invoice and Patient Billing Tracker enables systematic billing quality assurance as each quality assurance task is mapped to an individual ticket.
    4. Improve patient education: Built-in illustrations and animations help break down complicated terminology so patients receive a more understandable analysis. As icing on the cake, a workflow management system can help schedule and track both patient education sessions and patients’ compliance, making sure that patients complete any prescribed exercise routines.
    5. Improve clinic teamwork: Workflow management included in best-of-breed software platforms improve transparency and task accountability. These systems are integrated with all aspects of the patient life-cycle including: scheduling, documentation, patient education, billing and analytics. Task management systems ensure that nothing fall between the cracks and everyone’s performance is visible and measurable.
    6. Strengthen patient relationships: Well integrated automated systems all but eliminate human error. The chiropractic software you choose to use in your practice should include a workflow task management system to measure patient participation, improve communication and foster execution of tasks. That means even when someone on your staff drops the ball or gets sick, your practice will continue to run smoothly thanks to system alerts and work tasks, that will be pushed to a workbench at high priority until the task is addressed.

Needless to say, by using complete chiropractic life cycle management software you will sleep better, knowing that patients aren’t falling through the cracks, compliance risks are addressed, diagnosis and procedure codes are properly matched, claims submitted are clean, unpaid or underpaid claims are quickly identified and each staff member’s performance is transparent. All this so you and your staff can focus on the most important part of your practice, the patient!

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