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 4 Factors That May Affect the Cost of Chiropractic Care

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 4 Factors That May Affect the Cost of Chiropractic Care

When back and neck pain affects your quality of life, you may consider visiting a chiropractic clinic to resolve it. While this type of treatment can greatly improve some spine and neck issues, you may have concerns about the cost if you do not have medical insurance or if your plan does not cover such visits. However, the cost of chiropractic care can vary widely, and there are several factors that may affect the price you pay out of pocket. 

1. The Base Fee 

Most chiropractic clinics charge a base fee, which is often called the office visit cost. This is the amount of money the clinic charges for a basic visit where they collect your personal and medical history and when the chiropractor discusses your pain with you, as well as what may be causing it. You will likely pay the base fee each time you visit. 

2. X-Ray Costs 

Before mapping a treatment plan, your chiropractor may order a course of X-rays to determine whether your back or neck pain is caused by something he or she may be able to view and diagnose. Issues such as compressed or slipped discs may show up during X-rays or an MRI. These tests may cost several hundred dollars, so it is important that you discuss any future costs with your clinic before they proceed, as well as any payment options they might offer for such tests. 

3. Therapy Choices 

Your chiropractor may offer you several different types of therapies when it comes to planning your treatment. These might include ultrasound, hydrotherapy, and laser treatments to target and treat the source of your pain. A chiropractor such as one from AmeriWell Clinics will likely discuss each option with you and help you understand the cost and benefit of each so you can feel at ease about your future treatments. 

4. Your Lifestyle 

You may be able to reduce your chiropractic costs by adhering to your treatment plan and your chiropractor’s recommendations. For example, if he or she wants you to avoid jogging because of the impact it has on your spine and recommends walking or another type of exercise, following your advised treatment plan, could reduce the number of sessions you require and save you money. 


The cost of chiropractic care can vary widely depending on the type of pain you experience and treatment needed, but your local chiropractor may have payment options for you. Reach out to a nearby clinic today for further advice and information.