Improve Profitability With SMART Marketing Plans

Building your chiropractic dream practice will greatly depend on how well you market your services. The hard part will be figuring out just which marketing activities will produce the desired [...]

Billing Updates | G-Codes and C-modifiers for chiropractors working with PTs

Genesis’ Vericle billing platform has been updated with G-Codes and C-modifiers to improve compliance for all clients who work with a physical therapist in their chiropractic clinics. [...]

Improve chiropractic clinic profitability by increasing PVA

What is PVA and how do you use it?  An increasing number of chiropractors have been experiencing anxiety about the future success of their practice. Their concerns span a gamut of issues– [...]

Set measurable goals for practice growth with Key Performance Indicators

Some chiropractors may chose the wrong Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure the success of their clinics. Among the most frequently used metrics are charge growth, payment growth, patient [...]

SWAT outsmarts payers to resolve billing issues

Beating the insurance companies at their own game can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming for chiropractors who want to improve the cash flow at their clinics. Even when a provider makes [...]

5 tips for successful patient relationship building on Facebook

Building relationships with your patients via social media such as Facebook is vital for the success and long-term profitability of your chiropractic clinic. Not only can it help you retain [...]

Chiropractic Growth Metrics | How to select the right statistics?

Picking the right Key Performance Indicator (KPI) consists of a process that everyone involved in practice management needs to understand in order to effectively track, manage, and modify [...]

Reduce task completion anxiety at your clinic with ticket macros

Are you worried that some of your staff members might forget to complete any of the mandatory 10 tasks for each new patient visiting your chiropractic clinic on any given day? With approximately [...]

Chiropractic Notes | Clinics that use xDocs generate more revenue

If you are completing your chiropractic SOAP notes on paper you might wonder why you are still light years away from building your dream practice. Aside from stealing valuable time away from [...]

Chiropractic Marketing | Google+ communities for patient relationship management

Patient relationship management without a doubt makes up a key ingredient in any chiropractor’s success formula. Since online communities provide an incredibly useful vehicle for building [...]