Genesis Chiropractic Software Helps Maximized Living Chiropractors Treat USA Team

Dr. Matt McAlees, a Maximized Living chiropractor, is proud of Marti Malloy, who won Olympic Bronze in Judo (57kg) in 2012 London Olympics: “Marti is amazing!” Dr. Matt uses the Vericle system [...]

How Chiropractors Take Advantage of Social Media?

It is well known that for success of every business and organization it is crucial to connect with its audience and understand what they want, think and feel. Therefore, it is safe to assume, [...]

Chiropractic Billing Network Effect

Looking at the landscape of the chiropractic practice management, we see a playing field tipped to benefit the payers and hurt physicians. By increasing billing costs, underpaying claims and [...]

Billing Stimulus and Network Effect for Practice Profitability – Dr. Troy Dreiling

The billing stimulus and chiropractic network effect increases your Practice Profitability. Insurance company claims are very important, so watch Dr. Troy Dreiling explain how great Genesis [...]

CBP Club! Helping Students Find Their “Why”

This past Friday I had my first ever opportunity to speak to the CBP club students at Life University in Marietta, GA.  It has been a few years since I have been back on campus and I was happy to [...]