Is Your Chiropractic Practice Management System Built Backwards? Part I

By Dr. Brian Capra In my experience managing billing operations for over 300 practices across the country seeing between 100 and 1500 patient visits per week, I have had the opportunity to see [...]

Chiropractic Office – Billing Precision Building a Successful Practice – Dr. Troy Dreiling

A lot of doctors ask questions like why is growing a practice so hard? Why is taking care of patients so hard? And there are three things you really got to focus on. Number one, we got to focus [...]

Dr. Chris Zaino – Changing History One Patient At A Time – Part 2

Dr. Chris Zaino chose Billing Precision because it was developed and will continue to evolve with these values in mind. He chose it because it gives him the best chance at accomplishing his goals [...]

Dr. Chris Zaino on Patient Compliance – Changing History One Patient At a Time

Who is Dr. Chris Zaino? This video is one of the best introductions: It is essential to the survival of a practice and chiropractic in general that doctors realize how important it is to manage [...]

Chiropractic SOAP notes – Audit Risk and Billing Management – Dr. Troy Dreiling

I want to talk about why SOAP notes and your documentation is so critical and why we need it fast. In a high volume busy office, it’s important that you’re on top of your documentation. You know, [...]

Chiropractic Billing Expert Interview – Dr. Brian Capra – Part I

Dr. Brian Capra, a graduate of Life University, has been a practicing chiropractor and office automation expert. He routinely visits chiropractic offices around the nation while receiving raving [...]

Billing Payment Delays – #1 Payer’s Tactic to Increase Insurance Profits at Provider’s Expense

Q: Do insurance companies benefit from payment delays? A: Yes, they do. Payment delays are directly proportional to profits: the longer is the delay–the higher is the profit. In some cases, [...]

Chiropractic Patient Compliance – Patient Loyalty Management – Dr. Troy Dreiling

Let’s talk about managing your practice and growing your practice and looking at patient loyalty. That’s key. If you have loyal patients, that’s going to help you keep a stable practice, keep a [...]

Outsourced Billing Nightmares – Why Billing Precision? – Part II

by Erez Lirov Part II – How is Billing Precision a Non-Traditional Billing Service? “See, the problem is that traditional medical billing companies are built for traditional medical [...]

Outsourced Billing Nightmares – Why Billing Precision? – Part I

by Erez Lirov The two chiropractors were chatting and billing companies came up. One was an older, experienced doctor. He had tried it at low volume, high volume, cash, insurance, care plans, [...]

Cash Practice asks “When is the right time to collect money?”

Cash Practice As many of you know, it’s the little things that you do that make all the difference in your practice. Here is one of those little things we do in our office that make a big impact. [...]