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The 10 Best Marketing Strategies From A Chiropractor Who Owns 5 Clinics!

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Chiropractic Marketing

Dr. Miner has generated thousands of patients, and hundreds of thousands of dollars through his very successful radio show “An Ounce of Prevention”.  He owns and operates 5 successful Chiropractic clinics (and looking to open more across the country).  His expert chiropractic marketing helped him grow his first practice to over 1,000 visits a week, and then open 4 other offices that continue to grow as we speak.

…And now he is sharing exactly how he does it in this 100% free video interview!  Dr. Minor holds nothing back, he literally shares it all.  In this short video interview he will give you the 10+ marketing strategies his team uses to bring in droves of new patients every month.  If you want to know how to grow your practice, or have ever thought about doing your own radio show, click the link below and get started today!


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