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Cash Practice asks “When is the right time to collect money?”

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Cash Practice

As many of you know, it’s the little things that you do that make all the difference in your practice. Here is one of those little things we do in our office that make a big impact.

Collect money first, schedule appointments last. This is set in stone in our office.

Example: A patient has completed their first visit with Dr. Bodzin and now it is time for them to pay for their visit and schedule their Report of Findings visit. “Alright Jon let’s go ahead and take care of today’s visit and then we can schedule your next visit where Dr. Bodzin will review your x-rays with you. The total for today is $X.” Once you have done that, schedule for their next visit. This is so that when the patient leaves your office, they leave thinking about receiving care and getting better-not how much money they just spent.

If the patient pays with a card, we store this card on file for them in the Cash Practice Systems. This means that the patient will never have to dig into their wallet for that card in your office again. This is just one more way of removing the interference that prevents people from staying well.

If you would like to have a practice full of patients who want to be there and love what you do and are happy to pay you out of their own pocket, then you need it.

Cash Practice integration could become a predicament with some software. However, Billing Precision solves it seamlessly, as demonstrated by Dr. Brian Capra:


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