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Can We Just Focus on the Chiropractic Principles?

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chiropractic principlesNote:  As a Chiropractor, I founded Genesis chiropractic software as a way to provide the tools for Chiropractors to focus on building their practice through focusing in on chiropractic principles.

We have been talking about getting back to basics, the root of why we became Chiropractors in the first place and about supporting businesses who are pro-Chiropractic. Today, I would like to talk about getting back to basics in another way because I believe that it’s about time that we get back to focusing on the principles of Chiropractic and teaching those principles to our patients.

As we all know, Chiropractic is not just about relieving pain, correcting postures, and mitigating symptoms. Chiropractic is definitely not rooted in the reactive type of care insurance companies promote. Chiropractic is about removing interference to the bodies innate ability to heal and self regulate.

We all know this. We all learned this in school and for most of us, it is one of the major reasons we chose to become Chiropractors in the first place. We believed in these core principles of Chiropractic so much so we’ve based our our professions and our livelihoods around them.

The problem is that in the day to day grind of staff management, chart updates, insurance billing, patient visits, chiropractic software, marketing, and all of the other hundreds of tasks we perform, we often forget about what Chiropractic is truly about. In fact we started Genesis chiropractic software to  help you remove the interference in running the day to day operations of your practice, with systems that enable you to grow and profit more effectively.

We can begin to think of our patients by their symptoms or lack of symptoms rather than about the natural, healing power that is released when subluxations are corrected and the profound impact this delivers to the lives of our patients.

Now is the time with the new year ahead of us to re-focus on the principles of Chiropractic. Each time we see a patient we should remember why and how Chiropractic works. Even more, we have to take the time to educate our patients and our staff on the principles of Chiropractic.

A staff that is fully educated and informed about how Chiropractic began and how it changes lives, not just by relieving pain, is a staff that can deliver more to your patients and your practice. We have to take the time to train our staffs to not only handle billing and appointments but to also explain Chiropractic to our patients. Each interaction a staff member has with a patient is an opportunity to further the message of Chiropractic and create a patient for life.

Patients that understand the philosophy behind the Chiropractic care they receive are not only more likely to follow-through with care, they are more likely to continue with maintenance care as well. Additionally, these are the patients who refer their friends and family members because they understand the profound impact of their health on their lives and their family’s lives.

Let’s make 2016 the year that as a profession, we get back to basics, re-focus on the principles of Chiropractic, and build a patient base that understands the importance of Chiropractic. It’s about time we stopped letting the insurance companies and the medical community force chiropractic into the mold of medical doctors and instead return to the reason we became Chiropractors in the first place.

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