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The ONC EHR Certification: Protecting Your Practice from Legal and Financial Pitfalls

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Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems have become an essential part of healthcare delivery in recent years, with the push towards digitization and interoperability in the healthcare industry. However, doctors’ use of non-ONC-certified EHR systems can result in several negative consequences that could impact patient safety and trust.

Legal penalties are among the most significant risks of using non-certified EHR systems. The ONC is responsible for certifying EHR systems, and using non-certified systems may violate federal and state laws. This can result in lawsuits, fines, and damage to the healthcare provider’s reputation. The legal consequences can be severe, and it is essential for healthcare providers to use certified EHR systems to avoid potential legal issues.

Another consequence of using non-certified EHR systems is the potential loss of incentive payments from Medicare and Medicaid. Certified EHR technology is required for incentive programs and healthcare providers who do not use them risk losing out on potential financial benefits. This can have significant financial implications for healthcare providers who do not use certified EHR systems.

In addition to legal and financial consequences, non-certified EHR systems may not meet the standards required for medical accuracy and security. This can result in medical errors that could harm patients. Patient information could be compromised or lost, leading to incorrect diagnoses or treatment plans. These errors could have severe consequences and damage the reputation of the healthcare provider. Therefore, certified EHR systems are critical to ensuring patient safety and accuracy in medical care.

Furthermore, the use of non-certified EHR systems may result in a loss of patient trust. Patients expect their doctors to use secure and accurate systems, and the use of non-certified EHR systems could lead to a loss of trust in healthcare providers. Patients may feel that their personal and sensitive health information is not being adequately protected, which can lead to a lack of confidence in the healthcare provider. This can severely impact the healthcare provider’s reputation and result in the loss of patients.

Alongside this, using non-certified EHR systems may result in losing business for healthcare providers. As mentioned earlier, patients may choose to seek care from other doctors who use certified EHR systems, as they are more reliable and trustworthy. This can significantly impact the healthcare provider’s revenue and overall business performance.

Genesis Chiropractic Software is a comprehensive EHR system designed specifically for chiropractic practices. It is worth noting that the system is ONC certified, meaning that it meets all the standards required for medical accuracy, security, and interoperability. This certification ensures the software complies with federal and state laws and regulations. Healthcare providers who use the system can avoid legal penalties and receive incentive payments from Medicare and Medicaid. The certification also guarantees that the software has undergone rigorous testing to meet the requirements for data exchange and meaningful use.