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The 5 Best Billing Tips Every Chiropractor Needs to Know

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For chiropractic practices that accept insurance, the economic success of a business depends on the timely submission of accurate claims and receipt of reimbursements. However, a chiropractic claim process can take weeks or even months for claims to be reimbursed by insurance companies. Improving the claims method and claims submission process will result in faster submissions and improved first-time approval statistics. Learn how to improve your claims process, submit claims, post payments, and track all your insurance claims efficiently.

1. Ensure Your Process for Claims Runs Smoothly

One of the easiest ways to make sure your billing process for chiropractic care runs without a hitch is to keep claims processing running like a well-oiled machine. Explore systems of organization that allow you to automate processes like Genesis Chiropractic Software.

2. Look at Cloud-Based Chiropractic Software Options

Cloud-based technology is the current trend for chiropractic billing software, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. These options, like our industry-leading software, provide all-in-one solutions for billing, patient management, and more.

3. Do Not Delay in Posting Adjustments/Write-Offs

You might see big numbers like $35,000 in receivables, but in reality, only $25,000 is written off. Actual receivables are displayed only when all value adjustments/write-offs have been posted. Checking amortizations and adjustments against tariffs and policies can also help you spot payment errors.

5. Outsource Your Chiropractic Medical Billing

Many chiropractic practices are accustomed to handling the claims process for chiropractic insurance policies in-house. However, if you’re making more than $50,000 a year, consider outsourcing billing to a professional who can handle it for less than your hourly rate. Some billing companies charge a percentage of the collection. Hourly wages at these companies are about minimum wage! So sometimes it’s not easy. Contact us today to learn more about how Genesis Chiropractic Software’s billing services can help you achieve long-term financial success while providing superior patient care. Genesis Chiropractic Software’s chiropractic billing services include coding review, rejection management, payment notification, AR follow-up, and other services. Contact us to learn how leading practices are increasing revenue with billing services.

6. Automate Your Billing Process

Complex and repetitive billing tasks that can be easily automated with chiropractic billing software strain your business. You or your billing representative can spend hours submitting claims that could otherwise be used for more patient-centric services. Chiropractic claims software allows you to access, submit, track the status of, and schedule payments for medically required documents for your insurance claims all in one place. With 24/7 access to Chiropractic’s EHR, billing software, and patient records, you can avoid a lot of billing hassles right from the start.

  • You can leverage the chiropractic billing software to avoid coding errors and send claims with just a few clicks.
  • An integrated clearinghouse will scrub your claims before submission
  • You can leverage the software to avoid coding errors and send claims with just a few clicks
  • Readily track claims that have been paid and which require follow-up.
  • You can run regular accounts receivable reports to identify outstanding claims.
  • Your staff can separate accounts receivables by insurance and patient balances.

Overall, using chiropractic insurance accounting software reduces overhead and operational costs and increases the speed of chiropractic claims.

An efficient chiropractic medical billing process and the best chiropractic billing and coding practices can help increase your practice’s revenue and streamline your operations. Automating your claims process with Genesis Chiropractic Software can make your claim and claim process fast, efficient, systematic, and accurate. Improving your chiropractic billing process by following the methods above will ensure long-term success while providing the quality care your patients expect.