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Shifting Focus to Lifestyle and Patient Retention with Dr. Brian Paris and Dr. Fred DiDomenico

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In recent years, the chiropractic industry has seen a significant shift in focus from treating acute pain to promoting a lifestyle that supports spinal health and overall well-being. This transformation has been spearheaded by innovative chiropractic practitioners and coaches, such as Dr. Fred D. Dominico of Elite Coaching. In this article, we will explore the importance of patient retention and the patient visit average (PVA) in chiropractic care and discuss how chiropractors can leverage technology to create their dream practices.

Redefining Success in Chiropractic Care

Traditionally, chiropractors have focused on treating patients’ immediate concerns, such as back pain, and have measured their success by the number of new patients they acquire. However, this approach has led to a disconnect between chiropractic principles, which promote a healthy lifestyle centered on spinal care, and the actual practice of chiropractic care. Dr. Dominico believes that the key to bridging this gap lies in shifting the focus of chiropractic care from short-term relief to long-term health and wellness.

The Importance of Patient Retention

Patient retention is crucial for chiropractors who want to build successful practices and genuinely impact their patients’ lives. A high PVA indicates that patients are committed to their chiropractic care and are more likely to adopt a spinal care lifestyle. This shift from merely providing temporary relief to encouraging a lifelong commitment to spinal health can lead to better patient outcomes and a more fulfilling practice for the chiropractor.

Communication and Human Behavior

To improve patient retention and promote a spinal care lifestyle, chiropractors must study human behavior and adapt their communication strategies accordingly. Dr. Dominico discovered that effectively wiring patients’ minds on day one, when they are in a highly emotional state, can have a lasting impact on their commitment to chiropractic care. By associating pain relief with the adoption of a spinal care lifestyle, chiropractors can help patients make better long-term decisions for their health.

Leveraging Technology for Practice Management

By harnessing the power of technology, chiropractors can create their dream practices and focus on patient retention. Genesis, a single-point management solution, allows chiropractors to track patient visit averages and other key metrics, ensuring that their practice is on the right track. With four of Dr. Dominico’s clients ranking among the top 15 in PVA, it’s clear that technology can play a significant role in supporting chiropractic practices that prioritize patient retention and a spinal care lifestyle.