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Reimagining School Health: The Transformative Journey of Chiropractic Care in U.S. Public Schools

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At Genesis Chiropractic Software, our commitment to fostering chiropractic care extends beyond clinics and into communities, especially our public schools. Today, we’re excited to spotlight an incredible initiative we’re proud to support: School-based chiropractic initially launched by Cook Chiropractic and On-Site Chiropractic in Western WI.

Launched in 2016, Dr. Lona Cook embarked on a mission to bring chiropractic care to both students and staff within our public school system. It has since grown into a full-time practice, On-site Chiropractic, ran by Dr. Amanda Blonigen and Dr. Lona Cook that operate directly within schools, providing vital care to hundreds of students and staff every month.

The vision? To replicate this successful model in school districts across the nation.

On-Site Chiropractic, the driving force behind School-Based Chiro, is leading the charge in making chiropractic care accessible for all. Their on-site care within schools is meeting the needs of many, adapting to our fast-paced society, and making chiropractic care more convenient than ever for more families.

Genesis Chiropractic Software aligns perfectly with On-Site Chiropractic’s philosophy. We understand the critical role a healthy spine and nervous system play in overall health and well-being. This focus on spinal integrity and optimal brain-body communication is precisely what chiropractic adjustments aim to maintain and restore.

The mission of School-Based Chiro is ambitious but achievable: bringing chiropractic care into every school district in the United States. Genesis Chiropractic Software stands firmly alongside these doctors in this endeavor.

By championing chiropractic care in schools, we can cultivate healthier, happier future generations. We are proud to support On-site Chiropractic and invite you to join us in this transformative journey. Together, we can make a difference. Let’s stand up for chiropractic care. Let’s stand up for our schools.

To read more or to donate and support this vision, please visit the link below to donate to the non-profit that is working with Dr. Heidi Haavik’s team and collecting the data (as well as testimonials) from staff and students.