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Do You Have a Practice Management Strategy that Actually Works?

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Genesis Chiropractic Software is a Practice Management Strategy that actually works!You spent years and probably hundreds of thousands of dollars getting through chiropractic school and opening your practice; yet, you may not be receiving a good return on your investment. You give every patient your best and you are doing your best to provide a good life for yourself and your family but it still may not be working if your practice management strategy isn’t working.  Isn’t it about time that you had a practice management strategy that not only worked but could increase your practice revenue, patient retention, and visit compliance all while allowing you to provide the best possible care for your patients?

I can tell you without a doubt, that the solution to your practice management strategy problems is Genesis Chiropractic Software.  I developed this software for my own chiropractic practice and saw first-hand the incredible power of leveraging Fortune 500 level tools in my daily practice.  Not only did my revenue increase but my patients were happier, more likely to continue care and my stress level went down because I was no longer managing by memory all of the hundreds of daily details involved in running a practice.

Genesis Software is an all-in-one solution.

Genesis Software is an all-in-one solution.  It has all the tools that your practice needs in one easy to use platform.  You can get the fastest documentation and the best patient experience in one place.

This chiropractic software helps you to increase practice revenue by making sure you get paid in full and on time, giving you the tools to control your practice’s performance, and making it easy to maintain compliant chiropractic notes during your chiropractic billing process.  It allows you to check eligibility, check outstanding balances, collect co-pays, and accept credit cards as well as automatically capture and submit claims in real time, avoiding days, weeks, and even months of lost processing time.  Genesis’ exclusive design also lets you analyze chiropractic billing performance and focus on patient relationship building, a vital tool in the growth of your practice.

Putting Genesis to work in your practice also helps you to increase patient retention by making it easy to follow up on no-shows, schedule and check-in patients, and configure reminder calls.  It lets you focus on your patients, not on your documentation and gives you the chance to educate patients and improve patient compliance using software animations built-into your documentation

Visit compliance is increased using Genesis too because the software makes it easy for patients to pay bills, schedule appointments, and stay committed to their care.  Genesis also gives you automatic compliance alerts, notifying you instantly of potential compliance risks.  This allows you to take immediate action to preserve that patient relationship.

With the exclusive workflow built into Genesis, you don’t have to memory manage your practice anymore or search through report after report to make sure your practice is running optimally.

Best of all, in my opinion, is that Genesis Software allows you to free yourself mentally and physically to focus on growing your dream chiropractic office.  With the exclusive workflow built into Genesis, you don’t have to memory manage your practice anymore or search through report after report to make sure your practice is running optimally.  Genesis takes the guesswork out of running a Chiropractic office and instead breaks everything down into real-time, usable numbers and tasks.

If you are ready for a practice management strategy that actually works, you are ready for Genesis  Increased practice revenue, patient retention, visit compliance and better patient care all in one platform, with the added bonus of peace of mind at the end of the day, knowing that your practice is not just good but the best it can be…It doesn’t get better than that.

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