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Leveraging Technology To Build Your Dream Practice with Dr. Brian Capra

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In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, chiropractors must stay ahead of the game by embracing technology and focusing on providing exceptional patient experiences. In a recent interview with Dr. Brian Capra, the visionary CEO of Genesis Chiropractic, and Brian Paris, we learn about the importance of leveraging technology to create a dream practice that offers a premium patient experience. The video embedded at the top of this article offers valuable insights and strategies that chiropractors can use to revolutionize their practices.

Defining Your Dream

According to Dr. Capra, the first step in building your dream practice is defining what it means for you. Your dream might be achieving freedom, being in your practice until you retire, or even owning multiple practices while traveling the world. Regardless of your dream, technology plays a crucial role in helping you achieve it. By utilizing technology, chiropractors can improve their practices’ efficiency, compliance, and overall patient experience.

Focusing on the Patient Experience

A critical aspect of building a successful chiropractic practice is ensuring an exceptional patient experience. Dr. Capra believes that the patient experience is like a stool with three legs that support it: revenue, retention, and compliance. All three aspects are intertwined, and chiropractors must focus on each of them to create a well-rounded experience for their patients.


Dr. Capra emphasizes that revenue is not just about the money coming into the practice but also about the patient’s experience when exchanging money for services. Chiropractors must ensure that the financial aspects of their practice, from billing to insurance claims, are handled professionally and transparently.


Retention is all about keeping your patients engaged and loyal to your practice. By educating your patients about the benefits of chiropractic care as a lifestyle choice and providing excellent care, you can build long-lasting relationships with them. This, in turn, will lead to more referrals, a vital source of growth for your practice.


Maintaining compliance in all areas of your practice is critical for your practice’s success and reputation. This includes HIPAA, documentation, PCI compliance for credit card transactions, and data security. Failure to maintain compliance can lead to audits, fines, or even loss of your license. Proactively addressing compliance issues is crucial to avoid damaging your practice’s reputation and patient trust.

Radical Empathy

One of the most powerful tools for creating an amazing patient experience is radical empathy. By actively listening to your patients and putting yourself in their shoes, you can better understand their needs and tailor your care accordingly. By adopting this approach, you will foster a welcoming and comfortable environment that patients are happy to return to and refer others to.

Leveraging Technology with Genesis

Genesis Chiropractic Software provides chiropractors with the technology and support they need to create their dream practices. By offering solutions for revenue, retention, and compliance, Genesis empowers chiropractors to focus on providing exceptional patient experiences while growing their practices.