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How to Put a Chiropractic Software Disaster Recovery Plan In Place For Your Office

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Hurricane Sandy

I am writing this Disaster Recovery Plan blog soon after Hurricane Sandy devastated the north east.  Our data center experienced ZERO down time during the hurricane and in the time after.  The storm forced me to think about what my clients were experiencing both in the local New Jersey area and for our clients around the country.

I realize:

    • Our clients and potential clients are unclear as to the advantages of using a web based system.
    • There are many misconceptions as to the stability and reliability of a web based system.
    • Lastly, while there are ways to ensure that your practice can be up and running immediately, even with a loss of power and internet, many clients did not have a plan in place nor the materials needed to make this happen.

My goal is to help clients and non clients of Genesis, choose the best practice management software platform as well as put a plan in place for ZERO down time.

There is a three step process you should go through set up a successful disaster recovery protocol for your office to ensure zero down time in an emergency situation.

The videos below outline 4 main risks and how each risk is mitigated by both web based and client server systems.

    1. Identify the potential risks of each
    2. Determine how you will counteract each risk.
    3. Choose a web based system or a client server based system


Risk #1 – Loss of Network Connection


Risks 2, 3, 4 –

2. Data Loss Protection

3. Loss of Power

4. Data Center Down Time


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