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How This Chiropractor Built His Own Call Center To Bring In Droves Of New Patients On Autopilot!

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Dr. Jonathan Hyslop is the Founder and Chief Marketing Executive of NEA’s Call Center.  They can help you bring droves of new patients into your office without the hassle of hiring marketing staff and engaging in marketing activities that are expensive, time consuming and ineffective.

Like most chiropractors who have been in business for a while, Dr. Jonathan Hyslop has tried everything.  From events, fairs, and other time consuming marketing procedures he felt like nothing was working.  So he decided to try telemarketing.  Finally, he had some great success with something, but the problem was the cost!  It was so expensive that it would eat into his R.O.I. until it just almost wasn’t worth it.

That’s when Dr. Hyslop took it upon himself to create a sales team and train them on how to bring in chiropractic specific, quality new patients over the phone.  This method worked so well for him that he stopped all other marketing strategies, and focused on his personal call center.  This method brought in droves of new patients on autopilot for many years with minimal stress on Dr. Hyslop.

Today he is making his tried-and-true, chiropractic specific, call center available for a few special chiropractors.  He is offering this service at a rate comparable to you hiring two people for $10 an hour. (And you don’t even have to worry about training them, because they are already trained!)  To learn more, check out the recent webinar interview we did with Dr. Hyslop by clicking the link below:

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