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How Chiropractors Take Advantage of Social Media?

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It is well known that for success of every business and organization it is crucial to connect with its audience and understand what they want, think and feel. Therefore, it is safe to assume, that for chiropractic practice success it is also very important that chiropractors know what their patients want, think and feel. After all, your practice and its growth are directly related to your patients. The difference between a practice that is doing ok and one that is doing exceptionally well, is the ability to connect with patients on a close and personal level.

So, how do you connect with all of your patients? How do you connect with all of your patients on close and personal level that you should have? Even better, how do you find the time to connect and maintain relationship with your patients? Well, the answer is clear, through Social Media.

Now, with more than one billion users combined on all platforms we can agree that social media is here to stay. There should be no doubt in your mind that most of your patients are using social websites. Most of them most likely are using Facebook. Almost 72% of all internet users in the United States are on Facebook. Therefore, social media platforms, and especially Facebook, are a great place for you to meet and interact with your patients.

It might also sound strange, but social media platforms can help you interact with more patients on a closer and more personal note than you could ever possibly imagine. It has become trend to ask for Facebook profile, or to check a Facebook page for any of the business that you are interacting with. It is only logical to expect that your patients will be searching for your practice page, and you should better be there.

So, why not use Facebook and Twitter to connect with them? You can improve your patient retention and compliance by keeping them engaged. If you provide information on health and wellness and engage your patients in 2 way conversation you can expect your practice exposure to go up. Genesis Chiropractic Software, being a huge fan and advocate for transparency, is seeing great opportunity for communication and engagement with patients online. You should give a chance to your patients to communicate with you as well as to talk about you on social media platforms. This transparent way of communication will not just seal the good practice-patient relationship and patient compliance but will also increase your patient network and community.

In the busy world that we are living people communicate through social media platforms. Without social media, it could take days and weeks for your patients to talk about great experience they had with your practice. But, once you build your social network and community, all it will take for referrals to go up, is for your patients to like or share valuable content and information that you are providing to them. Even better, they would be more than happy and proud to share health and wellness tips with their friends, that are coming from an expert they know. So it is not just that you can establish a strong relationship with your current patients, you can also start new relationships and build larger community faster than ever before.

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