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How To Eliminate No Show Appointments

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One of the newest innovations in chiropractic patient care is chiropractor SOAP Notes EHR (electronic health records). This software helps facilitate patient care and makes taking SOAP notes totally automated. It also helps eliminate no show appointments by allowing the ability to do automatic call-backs and follow-ups. This allows a more profitable practice by keeping all appointment slots filled.

SOAP is a record-keeping method recognized by chiropractors and other healthcare professions. It is an acronym representing a method of taking case histories. The letters stand for subjective, objective, assessment, and plan. The software record-keeping solution allows this method to be followed quickly and easily.

One big advantage of this software for this record-keeping and appointment tracking is accuracy. With the software prompting input, the practitioner or office manager is less apt to miss a component. This means all records are consistent, complete, and quickly completed.

One complaint that most practitioners in the helping fields have is that they feel they spend too much time in record-keeping and business aspects of their practice. With this software, more time can be spent focusing on caring tasks that they were trained for, instead of having to be distracted with other aspects of their business.

Another advantage to using a software program for routine tasks is that it can be delegated to others. Also, certain parts of record keeping can be delegated, with dictation. This allows the chiropractor to focus on the patient and the impressions noted, instead of taking notes. Even if information is entered personally, less attention is focused on the record and more on the patient.

Chiropractor SOAP Notes EHR is a method that obviously allows more personalized care and less hassle with making appointments, keeping records, and doing other routine tasks. This leaves more time for patient care. This helps the chiropractor feel he or she is able to do more of what they feel they trained to do.

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Dr. Troy Dreiling uses Genesis Chiropractic Software for his practice and his SOAP notes.Dr. Charles Majors DC uses Genesis Chiropractic Software.