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Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing Hosts Garrett Gunderson Webinar

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Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing Hosts Garrett Gunderson Webinar

Attend this free teleseminar with NY Times Best-Selling Author Garrett Gunderson to…

Expose Your Financial Blind Spots that are Leeching Your Cash

Uncover the “Duh” Areas You Can Tweak to Take Home Thousands

More RIGHT NOW Without Working Harder

Seems like the harder you work the harder it is to actually enjoy your money, right? You keep thinking, “I just have to see more patients. I have to perform more procedures. Then I can have more money to relax and live my ideal lifestyle.”

Will you forgive me for (lovingly) smacking you upside your head? That thinking leads to a stress-filled, never-ending treadmill of long, hard days and ultimate burnout.

Your problem isn’t that you’re not working hard enough. It’s that your money is draining out of simple holes that can be plugged with some financial savvy.

You’re a health and wellness expert. But what you don’t know about the financial side of your business is costing you thousands of dollars per year—and quite likely per month.

As a financial advocate to 217 chiropractors and a New York Times best-selling author, I can confidently proclaim that you can live your ideal life now. You don’t have to scrimp and sacrifice, waiting for that elusive “someday.” You don’t have to work harder.

You’re already earning all the money you need. Now let me show you how to keep and leverage more of it.

Consider: In a recent analysis by my team of financial experts, 107 of 117 chiropractors were overpaying on their taxes—in many cases tens of thousands each year.

How much are you losing? What could you do with that money?

Taxes is just one area of seven areas I reveal on this eye-opening teleseminar.

Stop losing your hard-earned money to financial institutions and the government. Stop the madness of trying to achieve your ideal lifestyle by working harder.

Register now for my November 8th, teleseminar. There’s no cost or obligation to attend. I’ll teach you how you can reposition your assets to increase your cash flow, reduce your risk and stress, and have more fun immediately without working harder.

-Garrett Gunderson, Financial Advocate & Author of Killing Sacred Cows:

Overcoming the Financial Myths that are Destroying Your Prosperity


What you’ll learn isn’t theory. Hundreds of chiropractors and wellness professionals are applying these specific, concrete strategies to free up thousands per month.

In fact, just last year I recovered $7,705,300 for 217 chiropractors. We save an average $2,573 per month ($30,876 per year) for our chiropractor clients.

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