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Fortis: Chiropractic Payment Solutions

 In chiropractic software

In the intricate world of chiropractic practices, where patient care and business operations intersect, finding seamless and efficient payment solutions is paramount. Fortis, a pioneering player in the field of merchant services, has emerged as a game-changer, offering tailored payment solutions designed specifically for chiropractors. In a recent conversation with Jonathan McAleese, CEO of Fortis, we delved into the roots of their journey, the evolution of their services, and the future of chiropractic payment technology.

A Legacy Rooted in Chiropractic Care

Jonathan’s journey into the world of chiropractic payment solutions is deeply personal. It traces back to his family’s profound connection to chiropractic care, spanning generations. His father’s transformative experience with chiropractic treatment, amidst the challenges faced during his service in the Marine Corps, laid the foundation for Jonathan’s lifelong commitment to the chiropractic profession. With chiropractors woven into the fabric of his family tree, Jonathan’s upbringing immersed him in the world of chiropractic care from an early age.

Genesis: A Pioneering Partnership

Fortis’ foray into the chiropractic space was catalyzed by a pivotal partnership with Genesis, a leading provider of chiropractic practice management software. Recognizing the unique needs of chiropractors, Fortis Pay integrated seamlessly with Genesis, offering practitioners a comprehensive suite of payment solutions within their existing workflow. From processing credit card payments to managing recurring billing and beyond, Fortis’ integration with Genesis streamlined practice operations, enhancing efficiency and patient experience.

Innovative Solutions for Chiropractic Practices

Fortis’ commitment to innovation is evident in its relentless pursuit of solutions tailored to the specific needs of chiropractic practices. From simplifying recurring billing to enabling seamless inventory management, Fortis’ offerings are designed to alleviate common pain points faced by chiropractors. The introduction of features like Paylink, allowing for convenient online payments, and forthcoming advancements in inventory management underscore Fortis’ dedication to empowering chiropractors with cutting-edge technology.

Looking Ahead: Redefining Chiropractic Payment Technology

As Fortis continues to innovate and expand its suite of services, the company remains steadfast in its mission to be a long-term partner to chiropractic practices. Jonathan’s vision for Fortis transcends mere transactional relationships; instead, he envisions a collaborative journey, where Fortis’ technology evolves in tandem with the evolving needs of chiropractors. By staying true to their core principles of reliability, innovation, and customer-centricity, Fortis aims to be the go-to solution for chiropractic payment technology for generations to come.


In a landscape where technology plays an increasingly pivotal role in healthcare delivery, Fortis stands out as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the realm of chiropractic payment solutions. With a rich legacy steeped in chiropractic care, a commitment to continuous improvement, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of chiropractors, Fortis is poised to revolutionize the way chiropractic practices manage their payments. As chiropractors navigate the complexities of running their practices, Fortis Pay remains a trusted partner, empowering them to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional care to their patients.

Genesis Nation, take note: the future of chiropractic payment technology is here, and it’s powered by Fortis.