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Embracing the Power of Connection in Chiropractic Practice: Insights from Joey Coleman

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In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, chiropractors must continually adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of their patients. From incorporating new techniques to developing robust patient relationship management strategies, the objective remains consistent: optimize patient outcomes and enhance patient satisfaction. In a recent discussion with Dr. Brian Paris from Genesis Chiropractic Software, Joey Coleman, renowned customer experience expert and author of “Never Lose a Customer Again,” shared invaluable insights on how chiropractors can foster stronger relationships with their patients and employees.

Harness the Power of Genuine Connection

Today, many practitioners realize that their success extends beyond their technical prowess as healers. It’s also about building meaningful relationships. Coleman emphasizes the importance of curiosity, active listening, and attentiveness in fostering these connections. By demonstrating genuine interest in patients’ lives, chiropractors can create a more personalized and satisfying healthcare experience. He recommends asking non-invasive questions about their hobbies, passions, and lifestyle, leading to a more human and empathetic connection.

Moreover, while notes and medical records are essential for tracking patient health progress, Coleman suggests that keeping notes about their personal lives can be equally beneficial. These notes can include their birthdays, favorite sports, or even their children’s names. This approach adds a personal touch, showing patients that you see them as individuals, not just patients.

Valuing Employees Equally

Similarly, chiropractors mustn’t overlook the value of nurturing relationships with their employees. Coleman contends that chiropractors often know less about their employees than their patients, a situation he finds baffling given employees’ integral role in practice success. He encourages chiropractors to show the same level of interest and curiosity in their employees’ lives, helping to create a more connected, valued, and motivated team.

The Art of Gifting

Coleman also discussed the power of personalized gifting. Instead of conventional, often forgettable gifts, he suggests giving something that connects with patients on a personal level. Such a gesture displays a level of thoughtfulness and consideration that generic gifts often fail to convey, helping to deepen the patient-doctor relationship.

The Importance of Saying Thank You

While it may seem simple, a heartfelt expression of gratitude can significantly impact someone. Coleman champions the idea of expressing gratitude to patients, employees, and other stakeholders for their roles in your practice. This act can take various forms, from a handwritten note to a personalized video message, emphasizing the individual’s value in your life and your practice.

Whether you’re a data-driven practitioner or someone who leans more towards the emotional, relational aspects of care, Coleman’s approach is universally applicable. With its emphasis on genuine connection, personalization, and gratitude, his approach to patient and employee relations is supported by both hard science and softer emotional dynamics. By putting these practices into action, chiropractors can elevate their patient experiences, improve team morale, and ultimately, drive the success of their practice.