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Dr. Chris Zaino – 2500 Visits Per Week – Implements Billing Precision

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Dr. Chris Zaino is currently the highest volume chiropractor in the country. In a practice this size, billing, collections, and compliance can become a major predicament. Billing Precision network helps Dr. Chris meet the challenges and increase the capacity of his practice.

Having a single integrated technology, process, and billing service that manages your practice work-flow, is vital at any volume. Because of the growing complexity in coding rules, ever more frequent insurance audits, and busy patient lifestyles, not managing any one component leads to lost efficiency and revenue.

Dr. Chris Zaino explains how his practice was “gushing blood” in all areas and how Billing Precision has helped stop the bleeding. Some important aspects of Billing Precision which allow him to do this are

  1. Real Time Billing with integrated compliance and coding warnings at the table
  2. Table-side documentation that can be updated in real time in under 10 seconds
  3. No show management and automated patient check in
  4. Web based transparency to all practice, billing and compliance statistics 24×7.
  5. Care plan management, including expected collections thresholds and reports.
  6. Full audit trail of all actions taken by practice staff and/or Billing Precision teams
  7. Integrated credit card and recurring payment tool
  8. Email marketing campaign manager.
  9. Automated appointment reminders.

Many thanks to Dr. Chris Zaino, Whitney Zaino and their amazing team at Abundant Life Chiropractic. We are excited to be even a small part of a mission as big as this.

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