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Discovering Resilience and Vision

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Welcome back, Genesis Nation! Today, we have a truly inspiring guest with us—Dr. Courtney Gowin. Not only is she a chiropractor, but she’s also an author, entrepreneur, and devoted mother of three. Her journey is a testament to resilience, vision, and the power of manifestation. Let’s dive into her story and explore the remarkable path she’s taken to create a life filled with purpose, abundance, and unwavering commitment to maternal health and pediatrics.

The Genesis of Dr. Gowin’s Vision

Dr. Gowin’s journey began in an unconventional way. She grew up as a fourth-generation cattle farmer, learning the value of hard work and grit from a young age. “Being able to just make things happen out of nothing,” she recalls, was a skill she honed on the ranch. This tenacity would later become a cornerstone of her success.

Entering chiropractic school with a 13-page business plan, Dr. Gowin was determined to make her mark. Despite early setbacks—like her professor pointing out a spelling error in her plan—she remained undeterred. Her vision was clear: to collaborate with like-minded professionals and focus on maternal and pediatric health.

Manifesting a Dream Practice

Dr. Gowin’s journey to establishing her practice is nothing short of serendipitous. With a clear vision in mind, she manifested a Victorian home with a red mailbox and flowers out front—her ideal practice location. Scrolling through Craigslist one day, she found exactly that. Despite financial challenges, she negotiated her way into the building, starting her practice on a shoestring budget. “I went to dumpsters and picked up furniture, refinished it, refurbished it,” she shares. This determination paid off, and ten years later, her practice is thriving.

Overcoming Personal Struggles

Two years into her practice, Dr. Gowin faced severe postpartum depression. During this challenging time, she was presented with an opportunity to expand her practice into a full maternal wellness center. Despite the immense pressure and financial strain, she trusted her vision and took the leap. Today, her wellness center offers a comprehensive range of services, including pelvic floor therapy, pediatric therapy, massage, acupuncture, and more—all centered around maternal health.

The Power of Grit and Vision

Dr. Gowin emphasizes the importance of grit, especially during the hardest times. “Grit comes in whenever you feel like you’re failing, whenever you really feel like giving up,” she explains. However, she acknowledges that grit alone is not sustainable. It’s when grit is connected to vision and purpose that “the magic happens.” Having a clear vision acts as a guiding star, pulling you through the toughest times.

Wanderlearn: A Manifestation of Passion and Purpose

One of Dr. Gowin’s most exciting ventures is Wanderlearn, a company born from her personal journey of healing and self-discovery. After her divorce, she began taking herself on mini-retreats to heal. These experiences inspired her to create retreats for others, combining wellness, adventure, and continued education.

Wanderlearn offers unique retreats like surf trips in Costa Rica, yacht excursions in Greece, and hiking in Switzerland. These retreats are designed to provide chiropractors with a space to heal, rejuvenate, and earn continuing education credits. “If you build a business around community and experience, it’s very sustainable,” Dr. Gowin believes.

The Be-Do-Have Philosophy

Central to Dr. Gowin’s success is the Be-Do-Have philosophy. She emphasizes the importance of being clear about who you want to be, what you need to do, and what you want to have. This mindset shift allows you to reverse-engineer your goals, ensuring that your actions are aligned with your vision.

Practical Tips for Unleashing Your Creative Potential

For those feeling stuck or overwhelmed, Dr. Gowin offers practical advice:

  1. Disrupt Your Rhythms: Take yourself out of your day-to-day environment. Travel, if possible, or create a dedicated space in your home for creativity and reflection.
  2. Engage in Physical Activity: Movement can stimulate creativity. Running, yoga, or any form of exercise can help clear your mind and spark new ideas.
  3. Consistent Reflection: Make time regularly to sit quietly, reflect, and write. Even if it’s difficult at first, this practice can lead to profound insights and breakthroughs.

Final Words of Wisdom

Dr. Gowin’s journey is a powerful reminder that we all have the capacity to create the life we envision. “You have one life and one fingerprint to leave on this world,” she says. “Make it count.” Her story of resilience, vision, and manifestation serves as an inspiration to us all.

For more information on Dr. Gowin’s practice and Wanderlearn retreats, be sure to check out the links below. And remember, Genesis Nation, live well, love hard, and keep pursuing your dreams with unwavering determination.