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Creating a Dream Chiropractic Practice with Dr. Fred DiDomenico

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Welcome to another exciting episode of Genesis Nation, where we’re dedicated to helping you create your dream chiropractic practice and an amazing patient experience. Today, we’re honored to have Dr. Fred DiDomenico, a chiropractor, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and coach with us to share his insights and experience in building a successful practice.

The Importance of Core Values in Coaching

Dr. Fred DiDomenico believes that sharing the same core values with your coach is crucial to your success. He experienced firsthand the issues that arise when his coaches didn’t share the same core values, as they didn’t appreciate the spiritual principles and the significance of the chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Fred’s passion for chiropractic was born out of his personal experience, where chiropractic care saved his life and enabled him to correct his spine and continue living an active lifestyle.

Understanding Human Behavior to Improve Patient Experience

Dr. Fred’s turning point came when he started studying human behavior to understand how people make life-changing decisions. He realized that people tended to act and react in predictable ways, and by understanding this, he was able to create systems and scripts that improved patient experience and retention. As a result, his practice grew rapidly, and he was able to increase his patient visit average (PVA) significantly.

The Foundation of Dr. Fred’s Coaching

One of the main challenges that many chiropractors face is that their practice model is subjective, focusing on addressing patients’ pain rather than promoting a lifestyle of chiropractic care. Dr. Fred’s coaching focuses on shifting this paradigm and helping chiropractors communicate the importance of chiropractic care as a foundational aspect of health and life.

The Power of Subluxation Story

According to Dr. Fred, every patient has only one problem: they didn’t know the spine and nervous system were foundational to the life of the body. By understanding and sharing their subluxation story with patients, chiropractors can show them the importance of taking care of their spine and nervous system. This approach helps patients see chiropractic care as a lifestyle and not just a solution to their immediate health problems.


Dr. Fred DiDomenico’s journey from chiropractor to coach is an inspiring story for anyone looking to build a successful chiropractic practice. By understanding human behavior, focusing on core values, and promoting chiropractic care as a lifestyle, you can create a thriving practice that serves both you and your community.