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Compliant Care Plans with Cash Practice

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Did you know Billing Precision has integrated with Cash Practice? What does this mean to you? It means with the Cash Plan Calculator® System you can create 100% customized care plans for individuals, family plans and plans with insurance! Having customized, professional, affordable and complaint care plans is the key ingredient to patient retention.

What You Need to Know About Care Plans By Cash Practice:
Are you giving any of your practice members discounts on their plans? Are you confident the care plan is legal? Are you relying on what your friend down the street is doing?  Most Chiropractors are creating care plans in a NON-COMPLIANT fashion which puts their practice and it’s members in jeopardy. We’ve teamed up with some of the industry’s noted experts in the field of compliance and discounting to ensure our Cash Plan Calculator® is providing Chiropractic offices with a trustworthy source for financial plans.  Don’t gamble on what you think is right – join Cash Practice today and gain piece of mind!
Having clients commit to an outlined program of care, with affordable financial options has many benefits:
  • Better compliance on following care plan recommendations.
  • Clients easily transition on the the next phase of care.
  • Increased collections.
  • Decreased dependence on insurance money.
  • More time to focus on patient education, marketing, etc.
  • Consistent cash flow coming into the practice.
  • Client retention!!
Imagine a Practice Full of Clients who Pay, Stay & Refer!
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Billing Precision & Cash Practice®
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