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Coming Soon! New Genesis Features!

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We are thrilled to announce an exciting range of new features that are set to improve your workflow! Soon, you will be able to experience the Incoming Fax Queue, Roster Check-in, and the Images Chart Component – Drag and Drop Images enhancements. Each of these tools has been carefully designed to streamline your daily tasks, optimize patient data management, and improve overall efficiency. Although these features are not live yet, we wanted to give you a sneak peek into the powerful functionalities that we are preparing to roll out. Get ready to discover how these innovative features can reshape your practice’s operations, offering convenience and productivity like never before!

Incoming Fax Queue

The Incoming Fax Queue is a revolutionary feature that streamlines the process of incorporating faxed documents into a patient’s records. This feature allows practices to maintain a dedicated fax queue, designed to expedite the task of adding numerous faxed documents directly to a patient’s files.

Displayed in the fax queue is a wealth of pertinent information, including the document name, the date and time of faxing, relevant practice information, the source of the document, the date of service, and even the caller ID. This consolidation of details facilitates swift and accurate processing of the faxes.

Upon selecting a fax in the queue by clicking the associated checkbox, the patient document will be presented on the right side of the page for easy viewing. This feature fosters efficiency and eliminates the need to toggle between screens or software.

An added advantage of the Incoming Fax Queue is the ability to bulk-add multiple faxed documents to a patient’s chart summary. This is particularly beneficial for practices that handle large volumes of patient documentation, reducing manual data entry tasks, and enhancing the overall workflow.

Roster Check-in

Introducing the Roster Check-in, a transformative feature enhancing the efficiency of patient management within the Document and Bill system. The feature brings the convenience of checking in patients directly from their appointment details on the Roster, simplifying the administrative process.

Located on each appointment is a new Check In button, an intuitive tool that empowers Clinicians to swiftly and effortlessly check in patients. With just a single click, clinicians can mark a patient’s arrival, eliminating the need for additional steps or navigation through multiple interfaces.

The Roster Check-in functionality streamlines the entire appointment process, improving the workflow and saving invaluable time and effort for all. It blends seamlessly into the existing system, making the process of managing appointments, check-ins, and cancellations an effortless task, all from a unified location.

Images Chart Component – Drag and Drop Images

Finally, we are introducing the Drag-and-Drop Images feature, a new addition to the Images Chart Component within the patient’s chart summary. This feature enables users to effortlessly incorporate image files directly into the Images Chart Component by simply dragging and dropping them from their computer or device.

This feature has been designed to handle multiple image uploads at once, providing flexibility and convenience for users dealing with an array of image files. After the images are dropped into the chart component, a new window will automatically appear on the screen, prompting users to update the following information related to each image:

  1. Title
  2. Source
  3. Image Date

This input process ensures that every image uploaded is clearly identified and organized within the system, contributing to more comprehensive and effective patient records.

The Drag-and-Drop Images feature also allows for easy editing of the image’s information. By hovering over an image, a pencil icon will appear. Simply click this icon to edit any of the image’s details at any time, offering maximum flexibility and control over your patient image data.

As we conclude, we want to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you. Your invaluable input and feedback have been instrumental in guiding our development of these new features. We deeply appreciate your continual contribution towards helping us understand your needs and challenges better. It is your unique insights and experiences that enable us to bring to you features that truly make a difference in your daily operations. We remain committed to our mission of creating solutions that enhance your work-life, and with your ongoing support, we look forward to delivering even more innovations that align with your actual needs. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.