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Combining Workouts With Chiropractic Care

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Human bodies were designed to be in motion, and chiropractic care can help keep them active. Movement helps to strengthen muscles, build bones, and improve joint motion. Walking may be one of the simplest ways to stay healthy, while more physical activities such as strength and cardio fitness training can improve endurance, boost heart health, and protect the brain from cognitive decline. While many forms of physical activities are encouraged by chiropractors, stretching exercises are particularly helpful in improving flexibility and strengthening the muscular-skeletal system.

Strength Training 

Strength training involves building muscle and is a form of exercise that does not require the presence of free oxygen, unlike cardio training. It involves short, quick bursts of movement to build targeted muscles. As an at-home chiropractor like one from Lotus Wellness Center can explain, proper training increases muscle size and supports the skeletal structure while strengthening the body core. By training back muscles to react quickly, the practice helps with sustaining balance and preventing muscle strain. It also supports building strong bones and helps to manage chronic health issues such as arthritis. Beginners should be advised to make a slow start and build up gradually to prevent strain and injury.


Unlike strength training, individuals doing cardio exercises will need large amounts of free oxygen because of the strenuous nature of the activities. Cardio-respiratory exercises can benefit the human body in numerous ways. When practiced regularly, cardio training can:

  • Strengthen the heart and lower blood pressure
  • Increase the supply of oxygen to the body and brain
  • Increase the metabolism and provide for more energy
  • Decrease appetite for better weight management
  • Increase neural activity in the brain and stimulate areas associated with memory
  • Help to eliminate lactic acid build-up and muscle soreness from strenuous exercise
  • Stabilize blood sugar and help to manage diabetes 

Stretching Exercises

Stretching is effective in strengthening the body core and elongating the muscles. It also allows for significant flexibility of the spine, which is important as the body ages and becomes less pliant. In addition to adjustments and therapy, chiropractors will often prescribe stretching exercises for patients to do at home. The exercises are beneficial for soothing pain and nourishing the nervous system.     

Chiropractic Care

While cardio and strength training can build up the body and help prevent injuries and strains from occurring, spinal adjustments and treatment of muscular-skeletal issues are generally associated with chiropractic care. If you believe you could benefit from an adjustment, call your chiropractor to schedule an appointment.