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Client Testimonial – Cathy Barna, Billing Manager – East Village Chiropractic in New York city

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My name is Cathy Barna.  I am the billing manager at East Village Chiropractic in New York city .  In the 12 years that I have worked at East Village Chiropratic, we have used 4 different billing software programs.  I am most pleased with Billing Precision.
I like that I can look at each claim individually and can clearly see how a claim was paid.  I also am pleased that there is a log for each claim detailing the activity, as it let’s me see exactly what’s being done to get the claim paid.
I REALLY like the Ticket feature.  If I have a question or need a claim changed or edited, I simply send a ticket to my billing team and it is taken care of.  The billing team that works with me answers all my tickets within less than 24 hours.  They are polite, cordial and efficient.
I ESPECIALLY like working with my Profitability Coach,  Michelle Corrigan.  She also responds to my tickets, phone calls and e-mails within less than 24 hours.  She is knowledgeable and diligent.  She is also very friendly and I feel extremely comfortable contacting her with any issues I may be having.
I would highly recommend Billing Precision, in fact I already have.

Cathy Barna

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