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Chiropractic SOAP notes – Audit Risk and Billing Management – Dr. Troy Dreiling

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I want to talk about why SOAP notes and your documentation is so critical and why we need it fast.

In a high volume busy office, it’s important that you’re on top of your documentation. You know, so many doctors spend more time documenting than the visit takes, which can delay the process of submitting your claims, actually can even throw you into an audit or a compliance risk, and so being able to document fast, effectively, and efficiently is key.

A third of all doctors in our profession will be audited this year and so it’s important to be on top of your documentation every single day so that you don’t delay your payments, you don’t set yourself up for an audit risk or a SOAP notes compliance violation.

So Billing Precision solved this huge problem by eliminating reading and writing. So when your patient comes in to the adjusting room it comes up on the dashboard, you just hit a few buttons touch screen everything’s eliminated, reading, writing, it’s all there, so now your documentation takes ten to fifteen seconds. You can bill at the table, stay compliant, and stay on track. The billing’s done right there at the table.

This changed my practice; better yet, the documentation has audit, proof, notifications built-in. Did you bill this diagnosis for a number of visits, have you billed the same procedures, have you changed things, are you in compliance with different insurance companies, it’s all built-in into the system.

So if you’re interested in documenting on the fly fast being compliant, keeping on track with your patients, making sure the money’s there, go ahead and check out Billing Precision, go to their website, schedule a consultation and meet with a Billing’s specialist to see if Billing Precision is right for you.
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