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ChiroSecure Malpractice Insurance Basics

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Hi I’m Dr. Stuart Hoffman, president of Chiro Secure I wanted to make sure that the lessons I created for you where more than what you would ever expected. Which would probably be the typical and somewhere dry and scary topic of malpractice insurance. You know, this is how much coverage you need and this is why you need it etc.

I wanted it to have real impact. And I wanted you to experience what really goes on in the world of chiropractic malpractice. The issues that cause my phone to ring every single day. The issues that you yourself may one day may experience.

So I created seven special lessons for you from my experience as a risk management expert for over 27 years. Your gonna hear about situations you need to watch our for. How to handle certain situations and the expected outcome. Most importantly your going to hear stories real stories. From doctors just like you who where in the front lines every single day. Some of the stories will actually surprise you. And some will make you wonder what docs are thinking when they did some of these things. What I hope all of them do is to help you realize that we are all human and with 3 things come great responsibilities.

And I believe that the 7 lessons will help you better deal with this responsibilities by lowering your risk while still maintaining your practice growth. So I look forward for your feed back and to any questions that you may have.

Hi I’m Dr. Stuart Hoffman, president of Chiro Secure. And I’m here to help you with your understanding of malpractice insurance. So many people find it a little confusing as to what they need to purchase what they even have that they’ve already purchased. And how to make sure that they safe guard them selves and their practice base on their own insurance coverage.

So I’m hoping to demystify some of this information for you Today. And what I want you to understand is why even have a malpractice insurance? Malpractice insurance is something that I think is essential in Today environment. Some people think its a choice, I think its a responsibility. And if you understand that a patient can sue in his teen age for anything. There are attorney that will take the most privilege things and send you legal papers.

And that’s all because the patient think that they where wrong or receive some sort of negative outcome to their treatment. Insurance just simply help manage that risk while protecting you and your practice and your family from huge legal expenses from this potential pay out. But even more than the pay out, a Doctor will say will if I didn’t do anything wrong once I defend my self it will all go away. Well maybe, maybe not but either way it so important to understand that the number one concern we have in chiropractic medical legal realm is a straw claim.