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Chiropractor Electronic Health Records Marlboro, NJ

Chiropractic Electronic Health Records Marlboro, NJ

For chiropractors looking to find solutions for better managing their clinic operations, a Marlboro, New Jersey service that offers chiropractor electronic health records software can be right for you and your healthcare team. A powerful clinic software can greatly improve your workflow and result in increased patient retention. An all-in-one chiropractor management software can save you time spent on tasks and drive the growth of your practice. With comprehensive user-friendly features such as billing services, customizable task automation, and technology support, the Genesis EHR offers a range of benefits. Find out what services a chiropractor EHR offers by submitting your request for a detailed demo. 

Chiropractor Electronic Health Records in Marlboro, NJ

Managing a chiropractic practice involves work that goes beyond the treatment of patients. Electronic health records (EHR) software can make a great difference in how you manage, find data and complete tasks. The generation of reports, data organization, billing, and other tasks can take a lot of time, and some office programs don’t offer as many capabilities to enable you to organize and track information more specifically. See how a chiropractor EMR can benefit your clinic by scheduling a demo to learn about its various features. 

Why Purchase a Genesis Chiropractor EHR?

Owned and operated by a chiropractor, the Genesis software is distinguished as a leading ONC-certified chiropractic management software that has been used by chiropractors since 2004. The robust features combined with excellent technology support and training resources separate our EHR from other competitors. It allows you to keep ownership of your data and backups are always secure. Compatible with any device, our software can be used in any office. 

Features of the Genesis EHR 

Our EHR contains many features that address each of your clinic needs. The platform is equipped with an array of tools to manage your practice. Learn about the following features that our chiropractor EHR offers: 

  • Workflow – Single Point Management™. Manage your reports in one location to increase your retention and complete a variety of tasks more quickly. 
  • Billing Services. Utilize flexible billing options, automated patient statements, use Notes and Exams for claims and code generation, and more.
  • Scheduling. You can customize your schedule and settings for appointment reminders. Integration of social media reviews is also available. 
  • Forms & Documentation. Secure HIPAA compliant forms, patient kiosks, and keep track of exams, assessments, and unbilled visits. 
  • Point of Sale. Features include payment management, credit card storage, and patient financing. 
  • Onboarding & Training. You can rely on our in-depth onboarding services to become proficient in using the EHR software in no time. We also offer technical support that includes live training, screen sharing, a dedicated onboarding manager, and more. 

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Every chiropractic clinic can benefit from an EHR software that is uniquely tailored for their custom requirements. Fortunately, an advanced chiropractor EHR software is available at a reasonable price point. Set up an appointment for a free demo by contacting a Genesis representative to learn about what a Marlboro, New Jersey chiropractor electronic health records software can offer you and your practice.