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Genesis Chiropractic Billing Software Offered in an All-In-One Solution

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A chiropractor’s practice is a complex undertaking. Patient scheduling, billing, insurance claims and more must all be coordinated. Delays, incomplete insurance forms and late filings can add up to late payments or no payment at all. Plus, there are missed patient appointments that can result in the loss of thousands of dollars each and every month. The solution to these and other challenging problems can be found in chiropractic billing software such as Billing Precision.

Lost Time and Money

It is difficult for a chiropractor to be competitive if they are spending and losing time and money in the coordination of their business. When time is lost, the money is also usually lost. Plus, the scheduling of appointments, coordination of paperwork and filing of health insurance claims can all add up in thousands of dollars of lost revenue each and every week if not properly done.

Additionally, an office that literally collates paper, manages all aspects of phone communication and then processes paperwork often finds itself swamped with work, falling behind and making mistakes. The result is a very inefficient practice.

Billing Software

Many chiropractors are finding a solution through the use of billing software such as that created and offered by Billing Precision. The best software of this type coordinates all aspects of billing. If you simply substitute the word “business” for “billing,” you get the idea of the breadth of work covered.

What can or should you expect from such software? The fast and simple answer is a solution to each and every challenge your business faces when it comes to the coordination of the various elements related to the business.

What Billing Software Will Do

The best chiropractic billing software provides an all-in-one solution. The minimum one wants is:

  • Easy and accurate recording of SOAP notes.
  • Coordination of SOAP notes with all patient and insurance information.
  • Programmable reminders for appointments.
  • Point of Service alerts for co-pays, unpaid balances and referrals.
  • A simple and clear color-coded identification approach for various kinds of appointments.
  • The ability to coordinate and schedule from various sites and for numerous providers.
  • Detailed reports to aid in the more efficient and effective running of your practice, including those related scheduling aspects, including daily schedules, load reports, missed appointments, free time, canceled appointments and more.
  • The integration of patient demographics, billing and Electronic Medical Records documentation.

Benchmarks for Success

If your chiropractic billing software allows for all of the above, then you will be able to use your office personnel’s time more effectively and your business will be more profitable. The business aspect of a medical practice can tax numerous resources. Chiropractors have found that software from companies such as Billing Precision can make a major difference.

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