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Cash Practice and Chiropractic Billing Precision Integration Webinar

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Dr. Brian Capra: Hello, this is Dr. Brian Capra with Billing Precision. Today I’m really excited to talk to you about one of our best integration ever with another software and that’s with Cash Practice and the founder and owner of Cash Practice is on the phone here today with me. His name is Dr. Miles Bodzin,

Dr. Bodzin if you want to talk a little bit about the features of your system and then we can talk about the unique integration that we now have together.

Dr. Miles Bodzin: I’ll start this way, we have three systems that all combine into one, I guess whole super system Cash Practice. The three systems or the three modules
  1. Careplan Calculator: It’s main feature is it gives you the capability to print the customize compliant payment plan or Cash plan as it’s commonly refer to, that actually prints all of your patients sign to buy your services. So, if you’re signing him up for six months care, eight months, a year whatever, the program as you’re doing it creates that actual agreement for them to buy your services.
  2. Auto Debit System: It’s main feature is payment processing. Credit card, debit card or eft. So, if you’re creating a plan with that first module that gives the patient the choice of making monthly payments. We need a compliant way of collecting that money. So, the auto debit system is that system, it will actually do the auto debiting for you.
  3. Drip Ed: This feature gives you the ability to do email marketing and campaigns on education. I should say so that you’re automating that process of sending patients emails and keeping in contact with them. So today’s world you want to stay in contact with people and that’s the purpose of this feature.
So, altogether with the three systems in one step you’re able to create a plan for patient, enroll them in it, sign all their payments that are due and assign an campaign of emails literally in one click of one button. The main benefit is it increases your compliance, it increases our patients retention and it reduces your cost by eliminating significant numbers of payroll hours that your stuff are spending right now.

Dr. Brian Capra: When we saw that we realized there is no need to reinvent the wheel when somebody is doing something so well. That’s when we saw a great synergy between our two companies. Billing Precision clients can go right through the schedule and click “more” and “cash practice”, that will take you to a landing page where you can sign up for Dr. Bodzin’s system right from there. If they are already signed up clicking on cash practice will automatically take you to those features seamlessly.

Dr. Bodzin, where can people find more information about Cash Practice?

Dr. Miles Bodzin: There is a number of places, you go to and there is information there. We would be happy to do a live demo for you over the internet by just calling us at 877-343-8950. Surely you can send a email to us, simply just send it to is probably the best way that way it goes to our support system and everybody sees in a ticket, the request. You can also find us on Facebook, literally with Cash Practice with our immigration module is software companies like Billing Precision could come in and they can add a capability that you’re able to from within your software with a click of a button immediately log into Cash Practice without having to do a separate log in.

Cash Practice honors all of the permissions and things of that you would set up for your staff so it’s still honoring all of that stuff and when you log in it immediately takes you and you’re able to actually use Cash Practice inside of Billing Precision as if you are still using Billing Precision. So, as far as the use is concerned they’ve never left Billing Precision, they are in it.It gives you incredible efficiency by doing it that way and what it does for Billing Precision is it gives them this capability of all these features we have immediately. What’s unique about our integrated solution is that you guys have done is you’re the only company that done it where that you automatically import all of your payments, a 100 percent of them.

What I mean by that is that when you’re using Cash Practice and let’s say you do a payment, you open it up, you open up one of the tools and you run a payment. Where the integration works is as soon as the payment runs there is a receipt produced live on that spot, that receipt can then be posted automatically in that persons account. That’s for one time payment that you’re doing right now if you’re live on the spot with the patient. And the reality is that you’re primarily using Cash Practice for the auto debit is the recurring payment that run automatically that happened every night.

So those happen in middle of a night and you’re not, and you’re not there, logged into Billing Precision that time. Other software companies expect you to download the file from Cash Practice and then you have to manually import into their software. Well, Billing Precision is done as they have gone one step further where their software automatically pulls in those payments that run every night. So, eliminate the step of your CA at the front desk having the download the file and then manually imported.

Billing Precision has eliminated all of that. That’s the process they have gone through is they wanted to make it so that it’s so automated that literally it’s as automated as possible.

What Billing Precision had done as well is made it so that when you go to add a client into Cash Practice it will automatically take all of the patients data, their name, their email or address and everything and automatically populated into the Cash Practice database so that it’s already pre-populated, again it’s single entry.

Dr. Brian Capra: Many things with our two systems make them both very cutting edge. They are both web based so we can access either one of our systems or just log in if you’re Billing Precision client, you log right into Billing Precision from home or from anywhere you’re with internet connection and, you see your collections happening, you don’t have to ever wonder when the last time your office manager did actually upload those payments. Truth be told when you’re practicing, you want to think that you have time to do those things and remember them but you just don’t have time to make sure that payments were uploaded. When it’s cash it needs to be as automated as possible and seamless.

As far as Billing Precision goes, we have a state of the art web based practice management technology including advance scheduling, patient no shows and all the reporting that goes with it web based and in real time. We have advanced SOAP notes and touch screens, all the features and benefit you would want from a practice management system. Again, all online mean you can access it anywhere, you are 24×7 with internet access.

But one of the things that makes us unique is we have a billing network, we have a billing service. So, we actually are capable of doing your billing for you remotely since it’s a web based system and we are actually processing thousands of claims, if not hundreds of thousands of claims every single month and what we do with that data is build the network.

In another words when we learn new coding rule at insurance companies or maybe even a single insurance company we’re able to counter that measure with rules that are built right into the system to make sure that our doctors across our entire network are making sure that they are not making that coding mistake. Same thing goes for our practice management system. We have the highest volume practice on the country using our system and every piece of the system is optimized because of that. Every rule or every system or every upgrading to make our system is because it’s being used by the highest volume practices in the country.
When you use our system it is as if you’re using the highest volume practice software out there. Information about Billing Precision on our website, obviously on Facebook and You Tube as well, just search for Billing Precision.
Dr. Bodzin again thank you so much. I know you guys has done a lot of work on your side to get this integration completed. I know our guys has done a lot of work on our side and I think it’s just been a beautiful synergy between our two companies and I look forward to a future where we continue to innovate on both side and create more synergy.
Dr. Miles Bodzin: I appreciate that a lot and thank you so much for having me on, on the program and yeah it’s great, I’m looking forward to continuing the process.
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