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Automate Care Plan Payments

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Cash Practice is integrated into Genesis Chiropractic Software.Did you know that by having people touch their money in your office it creates an exit door to your practice? Think about it….

Clients who pay-per-visit who do not consistently come in.

  • Clients stop coming in after their insurance benefits ran out.
  • Low number of clients who re-new their block of care or pre-paid plans

What can you do to remove the purchase decisions?

  • Have a compliant care plan.
  • Offer payment options.
  • Automate the way ALL payments are being collected.
We have the solution for you!
Imagine if all of your payments were collected automatically and posted into the
patient ledger! Now it’s possible with the latest integration between Billing Precision and Cash Practice. The Auto-Debit System is fully integrated with your Billing Precision software.
By implementing an automated way to collect money in your practice, you can save up to 40 hours of payroll each month ($400/month if you pay your staff $10/hour).  Now your staff’s time will be freed up and ready for more new patients, follow up/ recalls, and planning future marketing activities.
What else can you expect?
Piece of mind with knowing what your future income will be. The Auto-Debit System® has reports that will give you a snapshot for what your expected future monthly income is in an easy-to-read graph.
Imagine a Practice Full of Clients who Pay, Stay & Refer!
Become a member of Cash Practice today!
Yours in health,
Billing Precision & Cash Practice®
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Cash Practice is integrated with Genesis Chiropractic Software.Dr. Andy Vantreese uses Genesis Chiropractic Software