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A Proactive Approach to Patient Retention With SKED

 In chiropractic software

Chiropractic care is evolving, and the use of technology in practice management is changing the way chiropractors communicate with their patients. Dr. Erik Kowalke, a chiropractor himself, has developed SKED, a software solution that streamlines communication, appointment scheduling, and patient retention. In a recent conversation with Dr. Kowalke, he shared the benefits of implementing SKED in chiropractic practices and how it has revolutionized patient care and communication.

Improved Retention through Clarity and Convenience

One of the main benefits of SKED is the increased retention rate among patients. Dr. Kowalke attributes this to providing clarity on both the chiropractor’s and the patient’s expectations. By mapping out appointments and integrating them into the patients’ calendars, it becomes easier for them to commit to their treatment plans. This real-time integration with Genesis allows patients to sync their appointments to Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook, setting up their own reminders if needed.

Enhanced Two-Way Communication via Text

SKED has also improved communication between chiropractors and patients through its two-way text platform. This feature allows patients to feel more comfortable expressing their concerns or asking questions they may not be willing to share over the phone or in person. Consequently, chiropractors can address and resolve any issues more effectively, leading to increased satisfaction and better patient outcomes.

Proactive Patient Management with Push Notifications

To avoid overwhelming patients with excessive text messages or inundating them with unread emails, SKED utilizes push notifications to communicate important information. For example, if a patient leaves the office without scheduling their next appointment, they’ll receive a push notification reminding them to do so. This feature allows chiropractors to strategically follow up with patients who haven’t scheduled appointments, resulting in a more efficient and proactive approach to patient management.


By incorporating SKED into their practices, chiropractors can streamline communication, improve patient retention, and proactively manage patient care. The software offers a convenient way for patients to schedule and manage appointments while also facilitating open communication between them and their chiropractors. With SKED, chiropractors can not only enhance their practice management but also promote a proactive lifestyle both in their patients and themselves.