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5 Things Every Chiropractor Needs to Know About Running a Successful Business

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Are you looking to expand your current practice or start a chiropractic business? If so, you need to learn everything you can do to properly run a chiropractic practice. This will help you create a business book and deliver a practice that will keep your patients happy and wanting more. We at Genesis Software Chiropractic are here to help! Below is a guide on how to properly perform chiropractic practice and what you should be aware of.

1. Get Acquainted with Chiropractic Coverage

No, not health insurance. That’s another matter. “Chiro coverage” in this context is the ability to have a temporary chiropractor live in your office. There are times when you have to take time out for practice.

A successful chiropractic practice takes a lot of effort and time. You love your job, but you need time off to keep things honest. Making time to recharge your batteries will help you provide your patients with the best possible care. You may also need chiropractic coverage if your family has an emergency or other unforeseen circumstances. It would be nice to have this as an option.

Think of it this way. With chiropractic coverage, you can make money while you’re away. Our onsite doctors ensure patients get the care they need while they tend to family or have a drink at a resort. This also helps patients maintain their routines. Even one week away from their routine, which they weren’t planning for, can throw patients out of the habit of coming in for an adjustment.

2. Get in Front of the Business Sector

Believe it or not, the corporate world is one of the most profitable cash cows for chiropractic practice. Those who have access to it receive an influx of loyal patients. That is why we suggest that you do a little research to become familiar with all the different health insurance plans that cover chiropractic care.

Once done, you can then join the Chamber of Commerce and attend events regularly. This allows you to expand your network. Research this network, see what providers each company uses, and then ask if you can set up a table in your office, commercial area, commercial building, etc. This table is where you can start making progress since more and more people will come to you for information. You can offer a free first appointment at your office and you can work your magic from there! You can also consider having some employees (or outsourcers) complete the sales spreadsheet.

3. Create a Plan for Scheduling

Chiropractic care is all about scheduling. Expectations need to be set for patients, just like salespeople. If a patient leaves the store without making their next appointment, chances are they won’t come back. At least not for long.

First, find out how to create an online customer portal. This way the patient can enter and select a date for the next appointment. This is especially important for a patient who sees you 2-3 times a week. This portal integrates with your phone’s calendar app so you can always be reminded of your appointments. The more reminders, the fewer missed appointments and the more benefits for the office.

4. Outsource Insurance Billing

Not sure how insurance claims work? You’ll be relieved to know that most chiropractors don’t do insurance claims themselves. In fact, the smartest chiropractors are businessmen and women who know how to delegate small tasks. This allows them to focus on their own practice and leave other tasks to someone they trust.

We recommend outsourcing your insurance claims. Get access to the best resources at less than half the price of hiring a full-time employee. Not to mention having an experienced team overseeing the office billing process. That means fewer mistakes.

5. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Speaking of outsourcing, building an online presence requires hiring a digital marketing agency. It’s a big part of the market these days.

A digital marketing agency can help you in many ways. It can help you with your website, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media, and more.

Again, outsourcing to a digital marketing agency yields higher returns than hiring a full-time employee.

You’ve learned a variety of tips and tricks to grow your chiropractic practice, so be sure to take advantage of them. Start by identifying your greatest needs. Visit our site for more information on how you can run a successful chiropractic practice.