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Chiropractic Billing Service

chiropractic-billing-service-cartoon-laptopTop 10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping

Deciding to purchase or hire a chiropractic billing service such as Genesis Chiropractic Software is a huge responsibility and you’re going to have questions and you should be asking yourself some of these questions while you are shopping around for the perfect service for you.

Are they good at what they do?

Whether you are shopping for software or a service, you need to be asking yourself if this chiropractic billing service is actually good at what they do. You should look at the track record of the service or software you are thinking about purchasing or hiring and ensure that they are actually meeting what they claim they do. So if a service tells you that they have a high percentage of claims that pass through the first time they are submitted, you should look for data supporting that. A high percentage is going to ensure there are going to be minimal denials that you are paid on time.

Do they know my field?

Often times billing services are going to deal with a specific field, and you should be looking for chiropractic billing services if you are a chiropractor or deal with a chiropractic practice because you need them to know the field they are dealing with from general physicians, chiropractors and professional chiropractic caregivers. Billing staff do not have to be able to focus on multiple professions because this is going to slow them down and it is actually going to make it more common that your service claims may be denied. Having billing staff that can only focus on chiropractic care is going to ensure they know the field and understand everything about that filled in so you have a higher chance of claims going to run the first attempt.

Are they cost-effective?

When looking for chiropractic billing service you need to have a budget in mind, usually, you want to have a budget that goes from a minimum to a maximum that you are willing to pay. You should be aware that the lower the percentage, may not always mean the company is going to give you good work. Sometimes companies offer a lower pay rate for their services and do lower-tier work.

And can I trust them?

When dealing with a chiropractic billing service, you may not know exactly what and who you are getting on your team, so you should really make an effort to ensure that you can rely on and trust the chiropractic billing service that you hire so there is less stress for you.

Is universal healthcare going to render chiropractic billing services obsolete?

No, because chiropractors are dealing with Medicare and Medicaid already, and a lot of the business for them may come from those two health insurances. So if universal health care was to come about, most chiropractic billing services are equipped to deal with government claims.