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Genesis Scholarship

At Genesis, we believe that every person should be given the opportunity to pursue their dreams through a career of their choice. Genesis is a company that utilizes cutting edge tools and technology to help chiropractic businesses with their billing services. We are passionate about what we do because we believe in the difference that chiropractors can make in this world and we know that the best way for them to do this is with the right technology and billing software. When the billing process is streamlined and simple for our clients, they will be able to focus on what matters most to them—taking care of their patients. 

So, how do you fit in? You may have a passion for economics and accounting but you may not be sure how to pursue your dreams without taking out expensive loans. At Genesis, we want to make the journey to your career more accessible. 

Students should not be concerned that they will not be able to get the job they want because of their socioeconomic status or financial needs; instead, we want to help pave the way by offering a scholarship to those who have the same kind of vision as our company. By providing financial assistance, we can help give more students in accounting, economics, and related fields equal opportunity and access to the programs they are interested in. 

We believe that making an investment in students is making an investment in the future and Genesis is proud to offer this $1000 scholarship to rising Juniors and Seniors in high school or to students who are already pursuing a college degree at an accredited university. 

Eligibility and Selection Criteria 

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, we understand you will want to know more about the eligibility requirements. To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must: 

  • Be a student at an accredited 2-year or 4-year community, public, or private college. Incoming Freshmen who possess a high school diploma or a GED will also be considered.
  • Be a high school Junior or Senior and use the scholarship funds for academic books, tuition, and/or other related academic fees at the school where they are currently enrolled.  
  • Have an interest in accounting, economics, or a related field. This will be shown in the applicant’s choice of degree, coursework, volunteer efforts, and professional history. 
  • Hold a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) and be in good academic standing.

Application Requirements

  • A personal statement
  • An updated resume listing the applicant’s academic history, past and present work experience, and volunteer activities
  • An essay discussing the top three most effective accounting practices (1000 words max).
  • A current, unofficial transcript from the applicant’s college or high school.

Application Instructions

To be eligible for the Genesis scholarship, applicants must submit their full scholarship application (personal statement, resume, essay, and unofficial transcripts) to our email inbox, The deadline for the application materials is August 31st, 2021. We will announce the winner of the scholarship in September 2021.


We look forward to learning about you and seeing how you want to change the world.