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Genesis Chiropractic Software List of Seminars.

Seminar Location Date
Watch this space for next year Many cities 2018

Look for our Genesis booth at the exciting seminar events for Chiropractors above!

Genesis Chiropractic Software seminar booth
chiropractic seminars
Our uniquely designed booth has been very well received and our Chiropractic Friends love to use the adjustment table.

Be sure to register for the drawing because we pick a winner at each seminar.

chiropractic seminars for chiropractic software
The winner of our gift card drawing at Release your Power in March was Matt Locke with Regenerate Chiropractic.
chiropractic seminars for chiropractors
Trey Purvis & Rachael Box won the gift card drawing at the CBP Basic Certification series in March.
Genesis $100 gift card drawing.
Rusty Howell presents a $100 gift card to Linda Castillo, a staff team member for Adjusting the World, at the Elite Coaching Event in Denver on June 5th.
The $100 Gift Card Winner at the July Maximized Living Seminar was Dr. Kevin Krautsack from Trinity Chiropractic in Naples, FL. He's flanked by Jason Barnes, COO for Genesis and Rich Martinez, Sales Support Manager.
Genesis Chiropractic Software attended ChiroFEST 2016.
The Winner of our $100 gift card drawing at ChiroFEST Nov. 6th was Jessica McManus of Everett House Chiro. Depicted left to right is Dr. Brian Capra, CEO and Founder of Genesis, Jason Barnes COO of Genesis, Jordon Vetters and Jessica McManus.
Breakthrough Coaching Seminar in New Orleans June 25th.
Rich Martinez (right) presented a $100 gift card to Katie Boyd (center) from Hennington Wellness Center in McComb, MS. She was the winner of the drawing at the Breakthrough Coaching event in New Orleans at the end of June. Also depicted are friends and co-workers who want Katie to spend it on them.
The Genesis adjusting table was very popular at the Maximized Living Seminar in Kansas City in July.
Rusty Howell and Rich Martinez of Genesis flank Alex Willard of Life Chiropractic College. Alex was the lucky winner of a $100 gift card drawing at the AMPED St. Louis Family Conference.
Maximized Living uses Genesis Chiropractic Software
Jason Barnes, COO of Genesis and Rusty Howell present a $100 gift card to Whitney Krajkoric of Moss Family Chiropractic. She won the drawing at the Maximized Living Atlanta conference in May.
Genesis Chiropractic Software attended California Jam earlier this year. We held a drawing for a Chromebook and Dr. Deed Harrison drew the winner. Dr. Aimee Bautista. Congratulations and we hope that you enjoy it, Dr. Aimee! Depicted from left to right: Rich Martinez, Dr. Deed Harrison, Dr. Aimee Bautista and Rusty Howell.
chiropractic seminar drawings for prizes
Dr. Virginia J Faulkner, DC was the winner of an iPad Mini. Congratulations Dr. Virginia!