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Chiropractors are always looking for newer and more innovative ways to expand their practice with explosive growth.  Learn about the Circle of Docs Network of Chiropractors and how they can help you solve problems and grow your Practice.

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Dr. Tabor:     Hello and welcome, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of Genesis Chiropractic
Software, I’m Dr. Tabor Smith and I am here with a very special guest, a good
friend of mine, Dr. Beau Pierce. How are you today, sir?

Dr. Beau:     Hey, Tabor. Doing great, man. Thanks for having me here.

Dr. Tabor:     It’s a privilege. And Dr. Beau is one of the minds behind Circle of Docs, and I
know when I say Circle of Docs, most of you out there know exactly what I’m
talking about. It’s a huge resource for chiropractors and I know a lot of
chiropractors are using it. Thousands of chiropractors are on it all the time, but in
my opinion as well, it’s not being utilized enough and it’s not being utilized as
effectively as it can be in helping us to grow our practice. And that’s exactly what
we’re about on this podcast is helping you grow your practice and hit the goals
that you want to hit this year.

So, Dr. Beau, tell us a little bit about Circle of Docs, and how it came about and
your part in it?

Dr. Beau:     Sure, well, first off, thank you for having me on the podcast. So I do want to just
jump right in because I know that your listeners here are all about explosive
growth and really elevating their practice in their community. So for those who
don’t know, Circle of Docs is an online network for the chiropractor profession.
So we combine news, resources, and a community under one platform, and we do
it all in the name of chiropractic. We publish five to seven pieces of content a
week. We have a robust community where you can ask questions among other
doctors, and we really provide a really safe and open and inviting place for
doctors, students of chiropractic and your chiropractic CAs.

Dr. Tabor:     Awesome. And we were talking a little bit the other day about how chiropractors
can find research on Circle of Docs, and I think that’s a huge value because we’re
always looking… And really the only way that chiropractors know how to find
research right now is to Google it and to see if something pops up. They
understand PubMed. They could do a little search, but it’s difficult to find… and
there’s a lot out there. There’s a lot of research out there for chiropractic, but how
do we find it?

Dr. Beau:     Sure. So we tried to really simplify this, because I’m a doctor that practices as
well. The whole PubMed, searching the journals, it can be very daunting and
frightening. So we tried to really get over those hurdles and present it in a way
that any doctor, any student can access it literally immediately. So we went out
and basically joined forces with the largest research companies in the world. We
have about 38,000 index articles on Circle of Docs right now.

So let me tell you two really simple ways to use research concerning COD. The
first one is that we publish a new piece of research every single week. It usually
comes out on a Thursday or a Friday, and it’s usually surrounding some hot topic,
whether it’s pediatrics or low back pain. Last week, we talked about stroke and the
significance of it. We looked at, “Is there a correlation between chiropractic and
stroke?” And we really tried to break it down for you guys and make it really bite-
sized, easy to understand and consume information.

The second way to do it is when you’re on Circle of Docs, we have tabs. There’s
Doctors, Students, a CA tab. Anyway underneath the Doctors tab, there’s
something called Research. You just click on that and it looks like Google. You
can type in any term that you want, or we have a whole bunch of chiropractic-
related topics, we have chiropractic research categories, and it’s anything. It’s neck
pain, headaches, pediatrics, repetitive stress, whiplash, stroke, chiropractic rehab,
case studies, conditions, etc. And all of you have to do is click on one of them and
you’ll be presented with hundreds, if not thousands, of articles.

And you can take those articles and then use them however you want. Maybe you
want to post them on Facebook. Maybe you want to make a YouTube video. I
know today we’re talking about creating these funnels where you have a certain
patient demographic, and then you can take some of that research and present it to
that patient and make yourself look like the authority in that space. So the
research is super easy to access and it’s all right there. And again it’s completely
free. Circle of Docs is a free resource for you guys.

Dr. Tabor:     Right. And that’s a great point is that you can not only use these articles, because
they’re already online, you can use them to build these segmented lists. And let’s
say you had patients with headaches or back pain or pediatrics or whatever it is,
you can actually enter these patients into an email list and have these articles, and
these research, the articles that you write actually just feeds to them automatically.

Another way to do that, too, if you’re not online is to print these articles off and be
able to have stacks of research for different topics. So you’re going to have people
who come in all over the board with different types of symptoms and problems,
but you’re going to be able to show them how chiropractic has helped people just
like them get better and improve their health.

Dr. Beau:     Yeah, it’s super easy. You used headache, and I’m sitting here next to my laptop
and so I’ve clicked on the Headache tab. And let me tell you. Here are three
topics. Intractable Migraine Headaches during Pregnancy under Chiropractic
Care. You think that might make a good article?

Dr. Tabor:     It’s awesome.

Dr. Beau:     How about this one? Chronic Daily Headache in Adolescents. How about this
one? Upper Cross Syndrome and its Relationship to Cervicogenic Headache.
Think we could use one of those in your practice today? Think that your patients
may want to take that or you may want to present that to your patients and say,
“Hey, why don’t you read this?” or, “Why don’t I send you an article concerning
what you have going on in adherence to your care program and how important
what we do here in the offices for what you have going on in your life?”

Dr. Tabor:     That’s beautiful, man. And I’m going to start utilizing that even more in my
practice. So I know this is an extremely valuable resource. That’s free for
chiropractors to use.

Dr. Beau:     Yeah.

Dr. Tabor:     It doesn’t get any better than that.

Dr. Beau:     Nope.

Dr. Tabor:     And so that’s just one way that chiropractors are using Circle of Docs, but what
are some other ways we could use it in our practice, use it as a resource? And
what are your recommendations as far as that goes?

Dr. Beau:     Sure. So Circle of Docs, the way we write our content and the way our platform is
set up is that it’s a mash between two things. Our content is very edgy. It’s very
catchy. It’s very, I guess we would call it, Gizmodo, if you know what that
website is, or Mashable. And we try to take that stance as well as the very “doctor
stance” and put the two together.

So we want to make it a resource that you want to read every single day. As a
matter of fact, that’s what we ask for. The average person spends 83 minutes a day
on Facebook. So all we would like is for five. And it’s really easy. Just jump on
Circle of Docs in the morning, see what articles are there, leave a comment,
connect with a friend, anything that you want. It’s really, really accessible and
easy to use. And we like to say that we pride ourselves in making it easy to
consume as well. So it’s really not dry, boring material that you think of when
you’re going to go to school again [inaudible 00:07:26]. We really try to make a
lot of great, catchy content.

As far as other things that you can utilize, we do have a podcast which we come
out every single week with. So I know you’re probably listening to this on a
podcast. So we’d love for you to jump over to Circle of Docs and subscribe there
as well. I think podcasts are an amazing medium that’s really exploding right now.
And there’s tons of ways to consume content. I bet people that are listening to this
maybe at the gym while they’re working out or on their way to and from the
office. I really encourage that.

It’s really important that you get “dipped” in chiropractic every single day,
because we are out there on our own when we’re in practice every day. So having
a resource where you can check in, stay inspired, get the latest news, get the latest
research that’s coming out. And that’s what we aim to do at COD.

Dr. Tabor:     And that’s awesome. Like you were saying, it keeps us motivated, it keeps us
inspired because we get to interact with one another on that site. So it’s a place
where, sure, we could do that on Facebook, but your friends aren’t all
chiropractors on Facebook.

Dr. Beau:     Right. Well, let’s be honest about this. Facebook is used for what Facebook is
used for. It’s for your friends. It’s for arguing over what you think is right about
the next politician or what’s going on. Circle of Docs is completely different. We
are set up in a completely HIPAA compliant environment. We talk all about just
chiropractic. This website is used to grow you and to grow your practice. I don’t
know if you can really say that about Facebook. When was the last time you
walked away and said, “Hey, yeah, Facebook really grew my practice today”? I
don’t know if I could ever say that about Facebook. So we really try to set up a
platform that’s just for us, that’s just for the chiropractic community.

I read an article, I think it’s called, “Where Do You Stand?” It’s called,
“Chiropractic Spartans.” And it talks about as the Spartan, they were fighting.
There was only 300 of them. They all took a stand together and they interlocked
their shields. They became stronger than any army. As a matter of fact, I think
they killed 60,000 or 70,000 Persians that day. And as chiropractors, since we are
so scattered, we need one place where we can “interlock our shields” and that’s
what we’ve done with COD.

Yes, we talk about hot topics. Yes, we talk about and defend the chiropractic on
COD. If somebody wants to come after us saying that we stroke people out or we
do X, Y, and Z, well, CODs going to have a stance on that for us, for the
chiropractic profession. So many of these associations and groups are out there,
and they’re all self-serving. And that’s not what COD is. We want to be self-
serving to the chiropractor. So that’s exactly why we did that.

Dr. Tabor:     Well, I want to throw a challenge out there to everybody listening. For the next 30
days, let’s log into Circle of Docs every morning and read at least one article,
share it or participate in the forum, and let’s watch how that helps us to unite and
grow and be able to discover and share new things in our office that we wouldn’t
have if we hadn’t been connected through Circle of Docs. So for the next 30 days,
log in every morning. And by the way, Beau, what if they don’t have a Circle of
Docs membership or they’re not a… How does that work? How can we get signed
up or how can we view that?

Dr. Beau:     Yep, one click. That’s all it takes. Go to and you just one click
“sign up with Facebook.” It connects everything. It’s done. It’s that easy.

Dr. Tabor:     I love how you made it easy, because I could do it right now when I wake up in
the morning with a cup of coffee and click a button and we’re in, right?

Dr. Beau:     Let me give your listeners a little insight, something that we just came out with.
We actually have a new release of COD that’s just coming out in the next week or
so. I don’t know when this podcast will come out, but we’ve created a
bookmarking feature. So if you have an iOS application on an iPhone, you can
actually go to and open up the search bar on the bottom how
you’d open up a new page. And there’s a little box that has an arrow on it. You
would click on that box and that creates a bookmark, which looks like an app on
your actual phone.

So when you get up in the morning, we talked about checking in. Once you’re
logged into Circle of Docs and it’s on your phone, it functions just like any other
app that you would have. So it’s all right there for you guys.

Dr. Tabor:     That’s beautiful. Actually that works out so perfectly. I don’t have to change my
schedule at all. I could actually listen to it or watch it or see it when I wake up or
on my way to work or whatever it is. It’s right there just, bam, with a click of a

Dr. Beau:     Yep, you just put it right there and then you can comment right below it. And it’s
pretty beautiful how our developers came up with that feature, and it’s so
accessible and easy. And once doctors, they hear that, they’re like, “Oh, my
goodness. That’s so much nicer than having to physically go to desktop and do all
that.” I think 73% of our users are coming in from a mobile device. So we’ve
really been focusing on that aspect.

Dr. Tabor:     That’s smart. I think everything’s moving more mobile now than desktop

Dr. Beau:     Absolutely.

Dr. Tabor:     So tell us a little bit, to sum things up, what’s your vision for Circle of Docs, what
have you guys got planned. I know you’re always with new, innovative things.
You’re adding things like the cool bookmark and all of that. What’s coming up?

Dr. Beau:     Well, at Circle of Docs, we want to do two things. We want to innovate, number
one, and we want to push the boundaries, number two. And I say that in a way
that I want chiropractic to be everywhere. I want us to be worldwide. I want every
doctor when they walk into Home Depot, every single person knows who they
are. They take pride in being the chiropractor of that town. They take pride in
being able to serve more people, serve more members of that community than any
other doctor.

So as far as what we’re going to do, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re
going to develop, we’re going to create, and we’re going to innovate any resource
that’s on the web and stuff that’s not on the web yet, to help you as the doctor to
elevate yourself, to elevate your practice and to make you the authority, because
the message of chiropractic is the true message of wellness. It is the true message
of the way that we are supposed to live. We’re not supposed to be taking drugs.
We’re not supposed to be having these crazy medications and being vaccinated
with 70 doses of our little kids. No way, guys. That’s not the way our bodies were
meant to live. We all know that.

So we are going to do whatever it takes on our side to build in the resources and
to build in the platform to help you guys out in practice.

Dr. Tabor:     That’s awesome, man. It sounds like Circle of Docs has got our back, and I want
to encourage everybody out there to get behind Circle of Docs and really help
them to grow. So every day, this is the challenge. Every day in the next 30 days,
we’re logging into Circle of Docs, we’re participating, we’re growing, we’re
learning. Any parting words, Dr. Beau?

Dr. Beau:     I think my parting words are is that we are all in this together. We are stronger
together than singular. As a profession, we’re very fragmented as we all know.
We all want to fight and scratch for our little piece of the area and say, “This
technique’s better,” or, “This is better.” And that’s great because I think that helps
to grow the profession. But we really need to have one place, one platform that
provides a stance.

It provides an area where people who are not chiropractors can look into the
profession and say, “What’s this chiropractic about?” “Oh, Circle of Docs. Yeah,
that’s what all the chiropractors are on.” “Oh, that’s what represents chiropractic.”
And we take extreme pride in that and we really, really want to preserve that and
we really want to hold what we’re doing in the best of light.

So I want to thank you, Tabor, for having me on this podcast. And also to our
listeners, thank you because you guys are what makes Circle of Docs so special
and what really drives me every morning to wake up at 5 a.m. like we are right
now to do a podcast. So thank you.

Dr. Tabor:     Awesome, man. Well, thank you for being on here. Thanks for sacrificing things
and for bringing us Circle of Docs. So, ladies and gentlemen,
Go there today. If you’re not already signed up, get signed up, click a button and
start learning and growing today.

All right, thank you everybody and we will see you next time.

Dr. Beau:     Great.