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Do You Need Help with Chiropractic Billing?

As a chiropractic insurance billing service, we, at Genesis Chiropractic Software, know how time-consuming and complicated billing can be. Our team of professional billers can help you to resolve these issues through our comprehensive software and billing services. Our services have been designed specifically by chiropractors, and are available exclusively to chiropractors.

By choosing Genesis Chiropractic Software, you can collect the compensation you are owed, and at the same time, focus on what matters most – your patients and your practice. For a consultation about our chiropractic insurance billing service, call Genesis Chiropractic Software now.

The Most Common Chiropractic Billing Issues

Chiropractors can encounter a broad range of billing issues; however, the following are the most common:

Accounts Receivable

Pursuing accounts receivable should be easy; yet, it is one of the most common problems that a chiropractic clinic encounters on a daily basis. Even the most competent, knowledgeable staff often are unable to follow through with every insurance claim. If you are noticing this problem at your office, a chiropractic insurance billing service may be able to help you.

Limited Time to Process Claims

Most chiropractors have a limited number of staff to help them run their operations. For example, one person might be responsible for maintaining the books and checking in patients. Another person’s duties might include answering billing inquiries, processing insurance billing, and taking care of tasks in the office. More often than not, there will not be enough time to process every claim and get the necessary things done around the office. A chiropractic insurance billing service might benefit everyone involved.

Mistakes and Billing Errors

It is certainly possible to make a mistake on a patient ledger. Billing errors and mistakes that may result from a disorganized practice or a clinic that lacks the necessary time needed can leave a negative impression on patients. This could result in some patients deciding to go elsewhere for chiropractic services. In short, you cannot afford to make billing errors. Whether you are limited in time or resources, or billing is not your forte, consider a chiropractic insurance billing service, such as Genesis Chiropractic Software.

The Most Common Benefits of Billing Software

There are several potential benefits of having services for chiropractic insurance billing, such as Genesis Software, at your practice. We understand that the overall goal for your clinic is likely to reach a certain level of profit, along with making a difference to the patients you are treating. Chances are, you got into chiropractics to help others, and now you can make their experience even easier with chiropractic insurance billing services. The most common benefits of having billing software include:

Brings Down Costs

If you consider the time in employee hours it takes to generate, send, and process every single invoice for each patient, it becomes easy to see why businesses spend around $5-$20 per transaction on printed paper. The savings could add up to several thousand each year if you were to ditch the more traditional methods of billing and payroll. Additionally, there are major costs associated with postage, ink, paper, and the printer itself. With automated billing, it can reduce the costs of invoicing your patients for treatments rendered by 30%.

Easily Accessed Information

If you have cloud-based invoicing software installed, then you can easily access information anytime, anywhere. You can take information with you wherever you travel, and you can manage client details on-the-go. You can download an app associated with the invoice software, so information can be obtained via your iPhone, iPad, laptop, computer, or other devices. If this sounds like something you are interested in, then do not hesitate to call us about chiropractic insurance billing services.

More Security of Invoicing

Losing paper invoices is a frequent issue for many businesses. Even the most organized person may lose a sheet of paper occasionally, so to expect perfection when it comes to this may not be realistic or possible. However, if you switch to automated billing, it is more feasible to create invoices, send them out to the patient electronically, track to see whether they opened the email or not, and then follow up with a kind reminder for overdue payments. Security is a priority for businesses, and we can provide you with tools to ensure that your operations are secure through saving data within the cloud.

Reporting is Simplified

An important element of any business is keeping reporting simple and easy. The right billing system can produce simplified reporting, that requires minimal maintenance and updating so that you can save on both time and money. Reporting plays an influential role in the future of any clinic. Being able to generate reports without lengthy efforts frees up more time and energy for other tasks.

By using business software from Genesis, you can create reports based on the information you need to know, identify who your most profitable clients are, and be able to see projected profit influx. Automated reports can be generated through online invoicing, removing the need for manual administrative duties, while improving the profitability of a business.

Environmentally-Friendly Approach

Our natural world is all that we have, and it is imperative that businesses implement practices that are environmentally-friendly. Online invoicing is several times more environmentally conscious than the traditional method of printing, saving trees, energy, and water. Since the billing work is done online, sheets and sheets of paper will not be overflowing your recycling bin any longer.

Furthermore, your clients will probably feel even more confident about their choice of chiropractic clinic when they see that you are taking steps towards being an eco-friendly business. Both employees and clients will feel more positive about working with you.

Save On Printing Costs

Printers are expensive, and anyone that has owned a printer can probably attest to how frustrating they can be when they fail to work as they are supposed to. Trying to get your printer to produce a document you need can take extra time as well as cause more stress to your day. Printing expenses can add up quickly if you consider how much the printer itself, paper, and ink cost. You can save thousands of dollars every year if you use your printer even half as much as you do now thanks to automated and online billing services.

Quick Customer Service

After the billing program is installed, this doesn’t mean that our assistance stops. If you need help or encounter a problem, we are quick to respond with friendly customer service. We want to help you make your day go as smoothly as possible, and can provide support in solving issues that may arise. It is our goal to install a billing service program that is reliable and dependable.

Builds a Brand for Your Clinic

Invoicing software is not just beneficial for getting payments from your patients, it can also be helpful in building the brand for your clinic. You can customize an invoice template with colors, fonts, and a logo that corresponds with your brand. As we may mention when speaking with you about chiropractic insurance billing services, having a logo on an invoice can help businesses get paid by their customers about three times as quickly.

4 Reasons To Switch to Paperless Chiropractic Billing

You’ve no doubt heard all the buzz about going green, and paperless billing is a step in the right direction. It certainly benefits the environment, but what can it do for your chiropractic practice? Check out these four reasons why a paperless chiropractic insurance billing service can help your operations and improve patient care.

Lower Billing Costs

You already know that paper, ink and postage expenses can add up. But there’s also the labor cost involved with paper billing. If your billing process is done entirely in-house, your staff has to manage it. And even if they aren’t hand-stuffing envelopes, you need equipment to print, fold and stuff plus affix postage. Eventually, that equipment breaks down — and that results in service calls plus interruptions. And who needs that? But paperless chiropractic billing software cuts out all these extra costs.

Increased Time Savings

Paper billing is already complex and time-consuming. But what about managing insurance claims? Tracking these claims manually can also take a lot of time. And despite your staff’s best efforts, some claims can end up falling through the cracks. A chiropractic insurance billing service streamlines the whole process. Insurance verification, claims submission, EOB postings and claims follow-ups are automated, saving you time and improving accuracy.

Convenient Data Access

Cloud computing frees you from the constraints of needing to be onsite to access billing data. But cloud-based insurance billing software also reduces your costs in other ways. Automatic data backups happen in real time, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information saved. Recovery is also just as efficient: All you need is a device and an internet connection to access your billing data. There’s no server hardware onsite to become damaged, destroyed, or stolen.

Improved Data Security

Data security is especially critical in modern times. Choosing a chiropractic insurance billing service with 100% data encryption isn’t just a wise move: It’s absolutely essential. You want a provider with a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based data center plus cyber liability insurance for data breaches, denial of service attacks, viruses and other risks. Genesis offers the best of both worlds — you benefit from superior service and rock-solid security, but you also still own your practice’s data.

Paperless chiropractor billing solutions benefit everyone involved. Your practice improves its cost savings, convenience and security while reducing its carbon footprint. With these improvements, your patients experience also better service. Moving to electronic insurance billing is one of the best moves your practice can make.

4 Misconceptions About Insurance Billing Services

It can be scary to change up your tried and true methods of handling finances, especially with so many misconceptions going around about billing software. If you are worried about making a huge shift in how your invoicing is processed, or even if you are having trouble deciding on which software solution is right for you, consider reading further on these common myths that have held many practices back from making a financial improvement to their business. Make an informed decision about using a chiropractic insurance billing service after clearing away some misleading information.

Misconception: Paper Invoicing Is Cheap

It’s easy to fall under the assumption that a chiropractic insurance billing service isn’t necessary because paper invoices aren’t expensive. Taking into consideration the sheer volume of paper involved in a single transaction, as well as additional processing fees, it should no longer be surprising that invoicing a single patient can cost as much as $20. Genesis Chiropractic Software offers a paperless solution that benefits the environment and your practice’s finances.

Misconception: Billing Software Is Too Expensive

The savings afforded by a chiropractic insurance billing service will offset an initial price tag that may deter small practices. Putting aside the expenses you would save on paper and processing fees, incorporating a software solution also saves money you would have to spend on training and maintaining a billing staff member. You can save and repurpose office space by reducing your personnel needs as well.

Misconception: Invoicing Is Easier on Your Own

It may seem doable to manage your insurance billing on your own rather than sourcing the task to a dedicated billing service. You can save more effort than you may realize by adopting a software solution though, especially as your practice grows and expands its clientele. Genesis Chiropractic Software can carry the responsibility of ensuring accurate system entry and insurance compliance so that you don’t have to worry about the element of human error.

Misconception: All Insurance Billing Companies Are the Same

Working with a billing company that specializes in your niche can make all the difference in terms of meeting the standards you’ve set for yourself and your practice. Choosing a company that shares similar goals, such as a mission towards eco-friendly operations, can make for an even more fruitful partnership. For your chiropractic clinic, you deserve to work with a dedicated chiropractic insurance billing service that holds your same ideals.

Call Our Office to See How We Can Help!

As your office continues to grow, you will have more costs, more patients, and more billing needs. Although daunting, these are all great things that mean your practice is taking off. It means you are doing your job in supporting your patients and giving them the individualized care they need when they come to you. When you designed your practice, this was the focus. Helping as many people get as healthy as possible. You likely did not get into this because you enjoy working on insurance claims or because you wanted to hire people to work on the billing, finances, and insurance side of things. That’s where we come in. We want you to utilize our insurance billing services so that you can focus on what you do best.

Can your insurance billing services save our office money?

Yes! When it comes to outsourcing your insurance billing services you may be wondering if you will be paying more for these services instead of saving money. However, we can help you decrease your overhead because training current or new staff members on insurance billing services can be quite costly. We know how to work the software and can get started now.

How do you know what kind of insurance billing services my office needs?

That’s simple. We know because we are in the chiropractic field as well! When you are looking for an insurance billing service for your office, you need one that can help you with your specific needs, not the needs of another medical service or a computer company. With our chiropractic knowledge, this software is designed specifically for your office’s insurance billing needs.

Why Transparency Matters to Us

When it comes to a patient’s health, they want total transparency from you. They want to know what is wrong, what solutions you can provide for them, and how they can begin healing. The same goes for you. When it comes to your insurance billing service, you need transparency. You want to have the information available a the click of the button, you want it up-to-date, and you want to be able to move on quickly so you can continue helping your patients. With our services, you get just that. When you use our insurance billing services, you can monitor how your office is performing, zero-in on where you need to meet billing needs, and help patients focus on getting healthier.

Genesis Chiropractic Software Billing Solutions

Since 2004, Genesis Chiropractic Software has been helping thousands of chiropractors with their billing needs. Our services can increase your revenue and streamline your business. Once we have established the base framework for your billing services, we will put our team of billers onto your accounts receivable and insurance claims. We will also assist in securing any missing patient information and reduce the likelihood of rejected claims. Throughout our business relationship, you can feel confident in knowing we will keep you informed through every step of the way.

Eliminate Your Billing Issues

It is our goal at Genesis to provide our customers with the best services so they can reach their fullest business potential. We are ready to help you get started installing our software for your clinic, the only thing you have to do is call today! If you have billing issues, or are opening a new practice and would like to avoid the potential of billing issues to happen, consider retaining our billing services for chiropractic insurance from Genesis Chiropractic Software.