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Chiropractic Billing Company

Chiropractic Billing Company

At Genesis, we know how important having a reliable chiropractic billing service is for your clinic. When it comes to billings in today’s market, it is becoming more apparent that every business must have one. There are many pros to utilizing a billing service, so much so that we thought we would take a moment to write information about the benefits here. If you already have a medical billing service and are unhappy with the quality, then still read on, as you may learn something new that Genesis offers that your current provider does not.

By investing in a billing service, you are likely to experience these benefits:

  • Improved Level of Efficiency: The task of handling billing is a full-time job, so imagine what could be done with that extra time if you installed a billing software for your clinic instead. Your billing would be automated, so staff time can be spent on other projects that need attention. Additionally, by hiring Genesis as your billing service provider for chiropractic care, it means that you have people to act as a support system in case you have billing questions or concerns. You are not in this alone!
  • Easy to Use: If you choose to implement a billing system from Genesis, you are optimizing the flow of billing instead of having to train staff or learn for yourself how to do the work manually. You can anticipate that your software will be installed in less than a day, so there is minimal impact on operations. Every staff member can easily log onto the system without needing hours of training. But if for any reason confusions arise, we can quickly answer your questions just by giving us a call.
  • Innovative Technology: As someone who works at a chiropractic clinic, you may be focused on reading about the latest tool, equipment, wellness approach, or technological platform. So, wouldn’t it be such a huge relief to know that billing is not something you have to spend hours on? By partnering with a medical billing service provider such as Genesis, it puts more responsibility on us so you can attend to other priorities. We can also give you information on how to merge the data currently in your clinic’s computers so client medical records, claims, and billing functions are now in one system.
  • Stress-Free Billing: We can reasonably assume your patients know that after a service, they will need to pay for their bill. With an automatic billing system, invoices for treatments rendered can be sent to their email or home address right away. You can set up the system so that friendly billing reminders are generated to clients who have yet to pay, meaning you won’t have to hassle with following up yourself about an outstanding bill.

How can Genesis help your office?

When you are considering a chiropractic billing service, you may be wondering if you actually need one. We understand that outsourcing your billing services may seem like more of a hassle. However, when it comes down to it, you are not in the business of billing and finances. Instead, when you own your own chiropractic business, you are there so that you can help other people be healthier. We understand that you may want to know how a billing service can help your chiropractic practice. We answer this below. But, if you would like to get in contact wit ha member of our team from Genesis, give our office a call. We look forward to showing you how we can be of help.

Q: Can a billing service for our office really help our practice grow?

A: Yes! One of the first ways that incorporating billing software and service into your practice can help your office grow is by increasing patient satisfaction. We believe this is especially important for chiropractic offices because your services are not cookie-cutter. They are designed specifically for each patient who comes in your doors. This means your staff can be more focused on giving each person who visits your office the care and attention they need instead of spending lengthy amounts of time on the phone with insurance or trying to fix billing errors.

Q: Can your billing services help save our office money?

A: Yes, when you use a more efficient billing system, it is possible for your office to begin saving money. When you get into a new routine with your billing system, you may find that problems that would have come up without these services are fixed quickly or never come up at all. This means that instead of hiring additional resources to fix these problems, you can spend money where you need it more.

Q: Can it help with billing mistakes?

A: Having an automated billing process can help when it comes to making fewer mistakes in the initial portion of the billing cycle. When it comes to using our billing services, we can help without the distractions that come with having multiple jobs at a chiropractic office. Focusing on the task a hand means fewer errors and a more streamlined process for you. Our services can also ensure that your office is up-to-date when it comes to the latest billing regulations.

Call Genesis Today for Billing Assistance

We can imagine that the daily operations of your chiropractic clinic are probably busy and it may make your life easier while freeing up more time if you have a reliable automated billing service provider. We care about your practice and hope that our services can benefit your business for the long-term. Call Genesis Chiropractic Software today to learn more about our services for chiropractic billing!

Things to Remember During a Collections Call

Everyone’s Situation is Different

Everybody comes from a different life and background, so no two collections calls will be exactly the same. Go into the call with an open mind and with the goal of helping the customer find the best solution for themselves. Imagine how you’d want someone to treat you during such a call, and try to replicate this behavior.

You’re There to Help

Not only are you helping your chiropractic billing company obtain payment, you’re also helping customers who may be struggling financially to establish a reasonable, convenient payment plan that works with their budget. You’re not a heckler; you’re a human being and a professional in your industry.

Your Attitude Can Change Everything

Going into a collections call can be difficult, even with the help of Genesis Chiropractic Software. Remember to keep a positive attitude; use polite language, speak loudly and clearly and don’t be afraid to ask how the customer is doing. Humanizing yourself and connecting with the other person can make all the difference in reaching a solution.

You May Not Have All The Answers

No matter how long you’ve been with your chiropractic billing company, there will be times when you don’t know what to do next. This is okay! Take a moment to collect yourself and re-assess the situation. If you need to research information, give the customer your business phone number or email for future contact and resume the call when you’re able.

Management Can Assist You

Your managers are there to help, so don’t be afraid to call on them. Whether you’re struggling with an uncooperative party or the customer specifically requests to be connected with someone higher up, use them as a resource and an example. They can help you with everything from customer service to using Genesis Chiropractic Software.

You Need to Show You Care

People everywhere struggle to pay medical bills, so it’s important to remind the customer that you want to help and you care. Let them know you’re listening, repeat important details back to them to verify you heard them correctly and remember to ask if they have any questions or concerns.

Some People Struggle With Phone Calls

Not everyone is comfortable speaking on the phone, and some of your customers may have a difficult time working with you. Be patient with them! Tell them everything they need to know about the chiropractic billing company, their payments and any other information they ask for. Try to be as accommodating as possible.

Questions to Ask a Chiropractic Billing Service

There are many chiropractic billing companies out there, so choosing the right one can be tricky. However, asking the right questions can help you select the right company for your needs. Here are several questions you should ask during the interviews:

  • How Long Are Your Waiting Periods? Chiropractors and billing services typically have to wait a while before insurance companies submit payments. This can be frustrating for everyone involved. When speaking to a chiropractic billing company, ask them the steps they will take to reduce waiting periods as much as possible.
  • Do Your Billing Services Include Software? Before you hire a chiropractic billing service, find out if their services include software or not. Most reputable billing services include user friendly software that helps chiropractors run their businesses efficiently. This will help you exceed your patients’ expectations and keep them coming back.
  • What Does the Software Include? When speaking to a chiropractic billing company, you should find out the type of software they include. Ideally, the software should include features, like automated EHR workflow, instant access to patient and financial information, chiropractic customizable templates and charts and secure HIPAA compliant Private Health Information.
  • What Kind of Training Do Your Billing Experts Have? The United States has strict medical billing requirements. Therefore, it is crucial that the chiropractic billing company you hire only employs billing professionals who possess training in medical billing specifically in the United States. When interviewing chiropractic billing companies, you should also make sure their employees stay up-to-date with the constantly changing regulations in the chiropractic industry.
  • Do You Specialize in the Chiropractic Industry? It is not recommended to choose just any billing service for your chiropractic practice. You should only hire a billing service that specializes in the chiropractic industry. They have knowledge of the ins and outs in the field, so claims will get paid faster.
  • How Long Will It Take to Set Up the Software? When you have a busy chiropractic practice, you need your billing software up and running as soon as possible. During your interview with a chiropractic billing company, ask them how long it typically takes to implement the software. In an ideal situation, they should be able to implement the software in a couple of weeks.
  • Can You Provide References? Just like you would with any other service, you should ask a chiropractic billing company to provide you with at least three references. It’s important to call these references and ask them about their experience with the company. For example, you may want to ask these references how long the company typically took to process payments if they would use them again.

Benefits of Chiropractic Software and Services

When it comes to your billing, having the right chiropractic billing service and/or software is essential for success. Not only will this allow staff to manage electronic health records, it will also decrease any billing or coding issues, while making the most of your time and administrative duties. The capabilities of chiropractic billing services are immense, and growing.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Billing Services and Software

The following are some of the foremost benefits of utilizing billing services and software for your chiropractic business.

Registration and Check-in

Chiropractic billing software will allow patients to enter in their own information before their appointment. This improves the accuracy of the data, and keeps the flow of the business. Capabilities of this feature, includes:

  • Paperless self service
  • Online registration
  • Bilingual support
  • Identification and input of patient pain, location, and symptoms
  • Less waiting time
  • Faster patient check-in
  • Saves time for all staff
  • Reduced errors

Patient Portal Access

Patients prefer, and expect, the ability to communicate with the doctor through patient portals. This software allows:

  • Doctors and staff to interact with patients
  • The exchange of information with each other
  • The importation of content into files
  • Downloading patient summaries and patient data

Better Scheduling

When using our chiropractic billing services and software, chiropractic staff can schedule appointments, and reschedule them when necessary. This is done effortlessly and with ease. Staff will also be able to:

  • Track and manage appointments
  • Customize a scheduling format
  • Personalize patient schedules
  • Send appointment reminders through email and text

Streamlined Bill Payments

Both staff and patients will have the opportunity to streamline the payment process with billing services for chiropractors. Features include:

  • Processing credit cards
  • Creating monthly payment plans
  • Creating special payments; such as a monthly subscription
  • Review, manage, and process payments

Cloud Based Services for Chiropractors

Chiropractic offices utilizing in-house servers may be at risk for losing data, or having it corrupted. The safer option is to use our chiropractic billing software which is linked to the cloud. Cloud based services will give chiropractors peace of mind. It will also mean:

  • No Disruptions – Your software and any data associated with your office will be transferred to a server based in a remote location. This data is also backed up with a second server in a different location, and running parallel to your system. In the event the main server has issues, the backup service will kick in and go live.
  • Less Maintenance – With chiropractic billing services, all of your data will be protected from viruses. You will also not have to manage computer updates, OS updates, server maintenance, IT equipment, data backups, and more.
  • 24/7 Access – When you use our chiropractic billing services, you and your team will have secure access to the software. This means you can review the data at any time, and work remotely. You will notice your productivity and work flexibility will significantly increase.

Learn More About Our Chiropractic Billing Services

If you are ready to streamline your chiropractic office, chiropractic billing services and software should be one of your first considerations. Call us today to learn more.

How to Find The Best Chiropractic Billing Service

Not all chiropractic billing services are equal. When searching for a billing service, you will want to make sure you find the right company so you can focus on what is important – your patients and your practice. But with so many companies out there, how will you know which one is the best fit for you? Taking the steps below can help you assess what service will meet your needs.

Research Potential Companies

There are many billing companies to choose from. Taking the time to research what companies offer will help you narrow down a list of good candidates. Leading companies offer easy to use software with features like quick access to patient and financial information, customizable templates, and automated electronic health record workflow. You may also want to call other chiropractic businesses similar in size to yours to learn what they use and what features are most helpful to them.

Ask Companies for an Interview

You wouldn’t hire an employee without interviewing them and a chiropractic billing service is no different. Select the companies you are most interested in and ask their staff if they will make some time to talk with you. You may want to request a demonstration of the software so you can see whether it is something you can use and has the features you need.

Write Down Your Questions

Going into the meeting with a set list of questions will allow you to compare companies like Genesis Chiropractic Software after the interviews and determine which will be the best fit for your business. You may want to ask questions like:

  • Does your company specialize in chiropractic medical billing? What kind of training do you provide your employees?

    Regulations around medical billing vary greatly from country to county and even within different medical industries. Selecting a chiropractic-centric company will usually result in better outcomes for your business than one that specializes in multiple fields.
  • How much time will it take before the software is fully functional? How much of my time will it take to set it up?

A good billing service can set up software in just a couple of weeks. Ask how long it will take and what it involves so you have reasonable expectations and can set aside time to set it up.

  • What makes your software user-friendly? What features does it include?
    The software should be easy to use so it streamlines your billing process. Make sure it has the features you are looking for. Have the company representative explain any features you don’t understand.
  • How long are your claims processing periods? How do they reduce the waiting period?
    Part of the reason you are hiring a chiropractic billing service is to minimize the amount of time you have to wait for the insurance companies to reimburse you. You want to know how long it will take to be paid and whether they can facilitate a quicker processing period.

Talk to References

Ask for three or more references from the company. References are a great way to learn about the company from an unbiased perspective. They can provide you with an honest assessment of their experience so you can see whether the company will meet your business’s needs.

Once you have finished talking to references, it is time to sit down and go through your list comparing what you have learned. Select your top choice so you can begin reducing the amount of time you spend on billing and can focus on your patients and your practice. Before you begin this process, you should call us. Our professional staff and state of the art software at Genesis Chiropractic Software make us one of the best chiropractic billing services in the industry. Call us today to learn more about our high quality, affordable billing services and how we can help you.

Chiropractic Billing Company

Chiropractic billing is pretty straightforward, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any myths about the service (especially when it comes to Medicare patients). At Genesis, we are a chiropractic billing company that can make your billing and payment processes much less stressful so you can focus on other areas of your chiropractic practice.

To make sure you know exactly what you’ll get from us, here are some top myths about chiropractic billing companies and Medicare patients we think you should know about.

Myth #1: Chiropractors Can’t Charge for Providing Therapy Services to Medicare Patients

Though this belief is pervasive among some chiropractors, it is not true. If you provide therapy to your Medicare patients, you need to charge for it (even if the patient’s Medicare policy does not cover the therapy you provide). You need to keep uniform charging practices in place for all patients.

Myth #2: Chiropractors Need to Get X-Rays on All Medicare Patients

Medicare now offers the option of doing a PART exam or taking X-rays to reveal spinal subluxation. To make sure you do a PART exam properly, review your Medicare Local Coverage Determination.

Myth #3: As a Chiropractor, You Can Give Low-Income Patients a Hardship Balance Write-Off

This one is a little trickier because it is a myth in some situations, but not in others. If you verify the patient’s income and if you have a hardship policy, you may choose to provide hardship balance write-offs. But if you do not have a hardship policy and have not verified the patient’s income, you may not write off a hardship balance. Your chiropractic billing company is familiar with this regulation and can ensure that you only give hardship balance write-offs in qualifying situations.

Myth #4: As a Chiropractor, You Can Refuse to Accept Medicare and Directly Charge Your Patients

Chiropractors cannot opt-out of accepting Medicare. If you cannot treat a Medicare patient due to lack of a Non-PAR or PAR Medicare contract, you must refer the patient to a chiropractor who does have a Medicare contract.

Myth #5: You Need an Advanced Beneficiary Notice on All Your Medicare Patients

As a chiropractor, you do not need an ABN on all your Medicare patients. ABN requirements only relate to covered Medicare services that do not meet the coverage guidelines of Medicare. You will need to present the patient with an ABN If you are providing a 98942, 98940, 9r 98941 service to a patient receiving maintenance care.

If you still have questions about myths you have heard about chiropractic billing, contact Genesis and let us know. We are a skilled chiropractic billing company that knows the ins and outs of chiropractic billing regulations.

How Can Connecting With a Chiropractic Billing Company Help Me?

Automated Software

Working with the right chiropractic billing company can help you find software that reduces your office’s mistakes. For instance, they can examine your client’s insurance policies. That can automatically verify eligibility for your clients, so they know if their visits are covered. It can also check for pre-authorization requirements. Failing to take these steps on your own would result in you losing payments.

When you use Genesis Chiropractic Software, you’ll also have regular accounts receivable reports run automatically. That can help you identify any outstanding claims you have. You’ll easily be able to determine which claims have been paid and which need further action. Likewise, you’ll receive a notification when a patient has reached their maximum number of covered visits so you can warn them. These proactive measures help you avoid any billing issues and financial problems.

Specialized Billing Services

Any good chiropractic billing company knows that its services are highly specialized. One coding mistake and a patient’s insurance company could refuse to pay part or all of the bill. Likewise, any use of the wrong terminology could result in rejected or delayed payments. If you have patients with Medicare, you know that this service is the strictest and is often hard to receive funds from due to mistakes. When you make mistakes like these, you lose revenue.

Your options for a billing department include an in-house team or outsourcing. There are plenty of pros to outsourcing this service. For example, when you outsource to a billing company, you know that your provider will always have the latest CPT codes. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about hiring or paying an in-person team. Although there are a few cons, they are generally outweighed by the pros. The most common problem is that it can take a bit longer to receive your payments.


Genesis Chiropractic Software integrates all of the features you need in your EHR software and billing services so your office can run at maximum efficiency. The software will automatically submit claims and provide accounts receivable reports. As a result, your office staff will be free to tackle other important tasks, you’ll have fewer billing mistakes, and you’ll receive payments faster. Plus, you can check your cash flow and how much revenue your office makes.

Modern chiropractic software is user-friendly, so there isn’t a huge learning curve. That means you’ll save money by not having to submit your staff to a rigorous training session to learn to use the new software.