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Erez LirovErez Lirov

Chief of Technology

“Innovative technology, innovative healthcare.”

Erez has been a software developer since early childhood and continues to innovate software development today. With patents in data security domain (US 6,785,810, Aug 31 2004) and experience working in startups and major wall street firms, Erez Lirov brings a unique and wide view of how business large and small, achieve success. Erez graduated with honors, from Princeton University in 1999, and co-founded five Billing Service and Practice Profitability companies, all built on his technology.

Erez’s specialty is in bridging the gap between user and developer. His unique ability to connect with end users and design and build systems that both solve complex problems and present well to users is unparalleled. Erez leads a team of both stateside and international developers who are constantly pushing the envelope, finding new ways to solve the biggest problems facing healthcare professionals, and inspiring his team to dream big.

When not developing ground breaking technologies for healthcare, Erez can be found with his wife Lori and their children, Danielle and Adam. Erez is also an avid jazz trumpeter and fitness enthusiast.