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Why Successful Chiropractors Use Our All-in-One Software

Industry-Leading Cloud-Based Chiropractic Software Since 2004

Founded and operated by a real chiropractor, Genesis Chiropractic Software was designed with your specific needs in mind. Our all-in-one chiropractic practice management software is your one-stop-shop for point-of-sale, patient scheduling, billing, and more.


Increase Practice Growth



Increase Patient Retention



Increase Compliance



Increase Free Time


Why Chiropractors Choose Us Over the Rest

Genesis Chiropractic Software features numerous automation options to help with day-to-day business management, patient relationship nurturing, budgeting, and more.

Improved Collections Guarantee

We’ll beat the accounts receivable national average by 50% or more!


Unprecedented real time control, transparency, and accountability.


Focus on patients and practice growth.

Decrease Overhead

No added cost for time spent for hiring, firing, training, and managing insurance staff.


With over 150 billers on staff Genesis can keep up with your growing practice(s).


The most experienced billers in the industry (Medicare, Major Med, PI, WC Multi-specialty).

More Free Time

64% more automation than any other system.


Inter system communication with your billing team and support means not missed calls, emails and faxes.


Seamlessly integrated with the Genesis practice management and Single Point Management™ system.

What Chiropractors Say About Our Software

dr.-deed-harrison“Genesis has everything your practice needs for efficiency, patient care, and your bottom line. There is simply nothing else like it in today’s EHR market! Because we’ve chosen Genesis for our office, we are confident you should.” – Dr. Deed Harrison

lona-cook “When I opened my first practice in 2010, I went with Genesis because several successful DCs I knew recommended it. I can’t imagine going through the process of organizing patient accounts, billing, and submission to insurance without Genesis.” – Dr. Lona Cook

dr.-fred-didomenico“Genesis Chiropractic Software protects us from the pitfalls and liabilities of compliance in today’s world, while creating a profitable and sustainable business. I strongly urge everyone to use Genesis.” – Dr. Fred DiDomenico