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Dr. Troy Dreiling’s Experience With Genesis Chiropractic Software

Hello everybody, Dr. Troy here the Vancouver Washington Chiropractor.

I’m excited to be here with you today. I have been in practice 16 years, I’ve seen a lot of new patients, I’ve adjusted a lot of people.

One of the issues that always comes up is billing, Genesis Chiropractic Software and working with them has been amazing for me. I have tried a lot of different software’s. The staff would put in the CPT codes and the diagnosis codes or they’ve tried to do the charts notes and help me. We’ve hired different companies or hire different employees to do different things that actually help get our billing done and in compliance.

Genesis Chiropractic Software has been amazing at that. Number one, it’s very, very easy. With us for a new patient we could see anywhere from 5-15 new patients in a day. It could literally take us anywhere from 1-2 minutes to put in the soap notes; all the objective findings, all the subjective information, and the effects of daily living. There is an ADL form area that you can put in whether it’s running, sitting at a computer, sleeping or rolling over, going from standing to sitting. All of this with the touch of a button.

You put that in, we take the soap notes and it puts it in the report format. You can add x-rays to it which is amazing. If you take digital x-rays it’s very simple to add right into the system. You can scan documents in, so any insurance company, attorney, or patient brings you a file that they want you to copy their chart notes from another doctor it’s very easy to add to the system.

It has saved us a lot of time and a lot of headaches. I can’t tell you how many times I would have to go back and redo soap notes, edit soap notes and you can do these right at the adjusting table.

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