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Your Favorite Features From Two Of The Most Trusted Names in Chiropractic Software
– Now Available In An All-In-One Integration

The Perfect Partnership Is Here To Simplify AND Amplify Your Practice!

The future of chiropractic profitability has never been so bright! Genesis and Blue IQ have officially partnered to give chiropractors the best management system and data mastermind system for chiropractic practices.

“Technology is only as good as its ability to help you manage your systems and processes.  Genesis is the only enterprise level business management technology available for chiropractors.  It harnesses AI and workflow automation so you can proactively see where your processes are breaking down and take corrective action before you lose time, money, or worst of all, a patient.”

– Dr. Brian Capra 

As the leader in cloud-based chiropractic software since 2004, Genesis provides services for workflow, billing, scheduling, documentation and compliance, and patient retention. When you unleash the power of practice automation through these industry-leading systems, you have all of the services you need for scaling your practice.

BlueIQ is your complete power tool box to ignite practice growth! All of your practice data in one place, master your overhead and connect your team to their metrics. With a practice dashboard you will be able to use your data to automate tasks, revenue opportunities, goal setting, morning huddle insights, smarter patient communication, enterprise views and align your team to grow the practice of your dreams.

“If you want to improve something, you have to start by measuring it. With our hyper-intelligent dashboards and preformatted templates, BlueIQ automatically measures what matters and unlocks the critical data needed to pinpoint where the energy goes. From there, the profits flow.” 

-Dr. Cory Frogley

Blue IQ and Genesis have partnered to bring you:

  • Control: over your data, over your practice, over your time! With automation, you can get your life back and spend it on your practice or with your family. Add hours to your day! 
  • Focus: On your business. Have you ever heard of working on your business and not in your business? Now is the time to optimize and strategize.
  • Scalability: Become an IQ Accelerator and learn how to know where your business goals lay and how to achieve them.
  • Communication: Increase internal communication to enhance your customer experience.

Finally, the perfect partnership is here to simplify and amplify your practice! Manage your operations with ease, gather data through an automated and systemized approach, and start working smarter— not harder. 

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