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Streamlined Interface – Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Streamlined Interface

You might be thinking this all seems complicated. There is some truth to that. Winning isn’t easy, but the work it takes is not all on your shoulders. The smartphone is more complicated than your old flip phone, but you were willing to do what it took to learn the new interface because of the tremendous value it brought to your life.

Genesis is like that smartphone, and it’s also like an iceberg. There is a lot to it, but most of the work is hidden—automated—and you do not have to look at it. For the office that uses Genesis, there are only a few places that you need to get used to interacting with it. Some of these are similar to what you are used to with other software, like the keypad on your smartphone. Then there is what is different. Here is a breakdown of what is the same, what is similar, and what is different.

What Is the Same?

Features that are the same are more advanced with Genesis, but there is a smaller learning curve.

  1. Scheduling
  2. Reports
  3. Patient information and transactions

What Is Similar?

Documenting your visits.

What Is Different?

  1. The biggest difference is what we call the workbench. That is where you and your staff find all the tasks Genesis is bringing to you. Remember, these tasks are mission-critical for revenue, patient retention, and compliance. The fact that you do not have to find them anymore means you’ve just saved a ton of time every day for you and your team. The fact that in many cases Genesis is finding things that are frequently missed means your business will grow.
  2. There is no more wasted time looking for work in reports. There is no more wasted time doing work that could be automated. Now you just do the work that comes to you and make sure everyone did their work by the end of the day, just by looking at one number.

If you can make this little but massively important shift in how technology

is being used to beat insurance companies and serve more patients

in a compliant way, you will experience a new level of freedom

and satisfaction you would have never thought possible before.

The following chapters are questions Genesis receives all the time. Many times, there are misconceptions about how various software platforms address these issues. For example, the traditional problems that doctors encounter with outsourced billing services no longer exist when they use Genesis. Many older software companies say that cloud-based software is less secure or that cloud-based software prevents doctors from owning their patient data. I am not sure if they are purposely not telling the truth or if they simply do not know the truth. In either case, you should know the truth about cloud-based software, so I’ve included a chapter dedicated to that.